VPN service

VPN is an integral user tool that provide the security and anonymity of connecting to the network.

Understanding the importance of security for our customers, RSocks launches its own VPN service with high speed of encrypted connection and guaranteed absence of logs, which is extremely important for our demanding audience.

We are preparing to launch our own applications for all popular OS to simplify the work with the VPN connection on Windows. Mac and mobile devices.

VPN from RSocks supports the following protocols:: OpenVPN, PPTP, HTTP Proxy, IPsec, VPN + Tor.

We offer Single VPN with maximum speed and Double VPN - with an additional node in the chain of VPN servers for maximum anonymity.

The geography of the servers covers all key areas, and we will, upon request, launch new geo-locations. If the country of your interest is not in the list - write to the support service and we will certainly try to add a server in this region.

Available countries




Czech Republic


















United States


Month Halfyear Year
Single $10 $50 $80 Buy
Double $20 $100 $180 Buy

Why RSocks is the best choice?

Maximum securityThe service creates a special encryption tunnel, through which all your personal information will be transmitted.
Unlimited bandwidthUsing VPN from RSocks, you can watch streaming video, chat with friends on video chat and use other features of the global network.
Servers in more than 20 countriesOur virtual private network includes dozens of servers located in various countries around the world.
No-Logs policyOur system does not provide for the maintenance of statistics and does not create records by which the user could be identified.
Freedom of Internet surfingUsing VPN from RSocks, you will no longer limit yourself to geographic boundaries and political permissions.
Versatile useOur VPN service works on all devices, including game consoles and Smart-TVs with an Internet connection.
Support for Torrent, P2P, VoIPHaving installed our VPN, you get a unique opportunity to download unlimited volumes of video and audio, as well as share your content with other users.
24/7 technical supportThe RSocks team always monitors the quality of the services provided. Our support will be with you throughout the entire period of your use of the VPN service.
Absolute anonymityOur VPN automatically hides or replaces your IP in all applications running on the World Area Network.

Still have questions?

If you do not know if our proxies are suitable for your needs or if you are not sure what to choose.
Contact us by email support@rsocks.net or via ticket support system in your personal dashboard.

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