Desktop applications

The application is a very handy tool for using VPN by RSocks. It contains all necessary data about your tariff, subscription expire date. For more convenience, traffic expenditure and speed are displayed both in the main window and in an additional one. Also, there is a feature for restricting Internet access without VPN connection for extra security. You can find all required technical information in connection log. If you want to switch between UDP and TCP you can do it in the app settings

Supported languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian.

Mobile applications

The using of mobile applications offers the customer fully use a VPN subscription on all your devices. The distinctive features are the autorun a VPN connection when opening the app, and connect to the VPN server by pressing via one button. Also, the application displays the remaining time before the end of the subscription and the ability to add any servers to your "favorites" for faster access to them.

Supported languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian.

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