VPN service

VPN - is integral tool of user, which provide safety and anonymity for network connection

Rsocks VPN supports these protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, HTTP Proxy, IPsec, VPN + Tor.

Understanding the importance of security for our customers, RSocks launches its own VPN service with high speed of encrypted connection and guaranteed absence of logs, which is extremely important for our demanding audience.

Geo of servers covers all key directions and we will add new servers at requests. You can write to our support service and request necessary country if needed country is not in the list.
Test period
Speed is 10 mb/s
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Price of VPN

$ 9 , 9
per month
– 28%
$43,2 /halfyear
– 53%
$56,4 /year
$ 19 , 8
per month
– 28%
$86,4 /halfyear
– 53%
$112,8 /year

Additional encryption

Rsocks offers the additional ability for encryption of packages for full anonymity in the network - DOUBLE VPN. This method of encryption allows to add additional server in the access chain.

VPN from Rsocks - the best choice

Maximum safety
Service creates special encrypted tunnel which will transmit all your personal information.
Absence of logs
Our system doesn't keep statistics and don't create records, which can help to identify the user.
Support of Torrent, P2P, VoIP
After installation of our VPN you will get unique ability to download unlimited amounts of video and audio and share your content with other users.
Unlimited traffic
Using our Rsocks VPN you can see streaming videos, speak via videochat and use other abilities of network.
Absolute anonymity
Our VPN automatically hides and changes your IP address in all applications, which work in the network.
Constant support
Rsocks team always watch for quality of services. Our support will work with you all period of your use of VPN services.
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