RSocks team thanks you for showing interest in offered proxy and VPN services and our service in general. By using our services you are accepting RSocks’s Terms of Use and are responsible to comply with them.


You can use the service after you create an RSocks account and it passes our approval. We may refuse or restrict the access to our services in case of violation of the terms.

Granted access — be it an evaluation use or a paid service — is a confidential data not to be distributed according to the Privacy Policy. User agrees that some proxy plans and VPNs can be simultaneously used by several people and accepts the risks involved.

You should not in any way interfere with our services or try to access them by any other means except by using interfaces and instructions provided by us.

All proxy and VPN plans can’t be purchased for resale purposes without RSocks administration approval. Users caught in unapproved resales will be blocked without restore rights.


RSocks services provide remote access to servers in the form of complete products: Proxy and VPN. They have different costs and parameters, listed in the corresponding section of the ComSite.

Every proxy plan has a duration period, but only some proxy plans can be paused. Maximum pause term is 1 month after its activation. After pause term expires, plan will be automatically resumed.

You may stop using our service at any moment. To do so, contact our Support.

With any proxy plan proxy can be used only from the IP address set when purchasing a plan. You can extend the allowed IP count for additional cost. Additional IP costs half of the plan’s price.

All proxy plans have limitations for the possible amount of concurrent connections. After exceeding this amount, your connections will be throttled.


RSocks is not responsible for any damages or possible damage to clients or third parties or their information or business due to the use of service or the inability to use the service. By using RSocks service you are understand risks and are accepting full personal, legal and criminal liability, for all your actions and their consequences.
Following actions are forbidden on our servers:


You may access some proxy or VPN plans for the evaluation purposes under the Trial (cost-free) use. Conditions and options of the Trial use are described in RSocks Personal Profile. Trial access is granted only once and for one type of service only after the review of user’s application sent to the Support. Trial use cannot be paused. RSocks team makes the decision on the approval of applications and may refuse access to Trial without explanation.

Existing coupons entitle receive the discount only once for one account, unless otherwise agreed in the terms of each individual stock.

The “welcome” promo codes located on popular forums give the right to receive a one-time discount for one user.

The RSocks team reserves the right to cancel the promo code terms unilaterally without giving a reason and without prior notice to the user.


RSocks service provides paid services that can be paid by adding funds to your account in Personal Profile by any method listed on the ComSite.

When you add funds to your account, RSocks does not collect any personal data. Usage of the payment data is described in Privacy Policy of the payment providers.

Monetary refunds are carried out at the user’s request only by contacting RSocks Support service. Refund request for the Standard, Exclusive proxy and VPN is possible for 24 hours after successful payment. For the Server proxy plans refund is possible for 1 hour after successful payment. Dailly proxy plans are non refundable. Personal proxy plans cannot be refunded. The minimal sum for refund is $50. Payment fee is deducted from the refund. The refund to your PayPal account is not possible.

During the processing of the refund request, the subscription is suspended by the administration. Re-activation of the subscription by the user automaticly revokes the request.

According to RSock refund policy, moneyback for customized proxy packs is negotiated on special conditions. This information is not to be disclosed to third parties on both sides.

If working with package proxies, a client has consumed more than 1GB of traffic or used proxies for more than 24 hours (1 hour for server proxies) and requested a refund, the service has the right to reject his request. This also applies to mobile proxies, but for them the allowed amount of traffic is 100 MB.

Each request for a refund is considered individually. If the circumstances of the request are suspicious for the administration of this service for any reason, the request for a refund can be rejected.

If you don’t access the Personal Profile or don’t use any services within a year, the RSocks team will automatically deduct funds from your account. Deductions of $5 will occur every 24 hours until your account in Personal Profile reaches zero.

If user doesn’t access Personal Profile or does not use any services within two years, user’s account will be automatically deleted and services will be considered provided in full.

If you haven't logged into your RSocks account for over 2 years, it will be deleted automatically and the funds will be donated to the free software foundation.

Refunds and withdrawals of the referral balance take place from 2:00 to 12:00 UTC


User is obliged to timely inform the Support about any encountered problems with proxy or VPN use.

The administration may change the Agreement without informing users. If terms are violated service may terminate services provided to the user without the right of recovery.

We thank you for responsible use of our services.

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