30 Dec

Results of 2021 From RSOCKS

The year 2021 was a productive year for the RSocks team.

We have carried out a large-scale update of mobile proxies: we have doubled the number of different locations offered, made popular plans more affordable, and the choice of carriers is now more than 2 times wider.
Our main pride is the newest Multiport offer. That is a mobile proxy that allows you to change the country, city, and even the carrier manually at least every 10 minutes.

We optimized datacenter proxies, thereby reducing prices for all packages by 30% without losing quality, and also expanded the geography of datacenter proxies.

We made exclusive proxies even more functional, convenient, and accessible, redistributed the plans of residential proxies, identified thematic packages for popular areas of work, and improved the characteristics of each one for your best results.

We've tested major improvements across all of our products and the dashboard interface.

About 26,000 users from all over the world have chosen RSocks products in 2021! Thank you for your choice, and we promise to make our service even more functional and useful in the coming year.

Now let’s get into the details about everything.

Mobile Proxies

At the beginning of 2021, we promised you to increase the number of mobile proxy locations. We have exceeded our promise: from 20 operators in 11 countries at the beginning of the year, we have reached 47 operators in 39 countries and 72 cities around the world by the end of 2021!

Your wishes were our priority, so we have carried out a wide expansion in the United States and today a list of 22 American cities is available to you.

Among the locations opened this year are Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver, Houston, Columbus, Huntsville, Salt Lake City, Newark, Albuquerque, Idaho Falls.

We have increased the number of offers from Southeast Asia. Now, along with Thailand, mobile addresses of Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines have become available.

We’ve complemented the mobile proxy offer by adding Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

We’ve mastered the new continent, adding the city of São Paulo (Brazil), heading for the addition of new countries in Latin America.

We’ve expanded Europe: we opened new cities (Chisinau, Lisbon, Verona), countries (Italy, Hungary, Austria, Belarus), added proxies to existing locations (Berlin, Paris), and also reduced prices for a number of plans (for example, for IP from Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain).

The Russian direction was not overlooked either, now Krasnodar is among the locations.

In addition, we have developed and implemented a new interface for mobile proxies. Now you can easily manage dozens of different packages: activate and renew subscriptions, configure authentication, compare rates.

Residential Proxies

We've done a full-scale upgrade of the residential proxies: almost all the packages in the section have been updated with the accompanying technical improvements.

All new and updated packages are supplemented with fresh IP addresses. Of particular note is the Mail Special package, which now contains 140,000 IP addresses in 1 plan, the number of working ports has also increased, and the most pleasant thing is that the price has decreased 2.5 times in a month.

In general, if we talk about the cost of residential proxies, in 2021 we have reduced prices by 50% while increasing the number of ports by 60% for thematic packages. This was done especially for those who appreciate them for their high stability and speed of work on the allocated resources.

Premium Mix packages have also become more affordable — they are one of the most popular on our service.

Datacenter Proxies

We have added thousands of new US proxies for you (California, New York, Florida, Texas), expanded the capabilities of working with resources that require the use of IP addresses from Western Europe, connected Austria, Poland, Sweden, and Singapore.

We carried out large-scale optimization of datacenter proxies, which reduced the cost of packages by 30% while maintaining the highest speed and stability, and the most pleasant news was the reduction in prices for US proxies.

Moreover, at the same time, we have increased the number of threads in the MIX | US plan from 500 to 1,500. Moreover, we have allowed users to increase this value by 1,500 threads, and use all 3,000.

Exclusive Proxies

We have updated our best proxies - Exclusive Mix. The total pool now contains more than 8,000,000 IP addresses. After analyzing your experience with Exclusive Proxies, we have identified three profitable packages, each of which contains a list of 50,000 proxies that are updated every 15 minutes. And the number of proxies no longer depends on the amount of traffic.

Personal Proxies

We have continued to develop Personal Shared as they have gained a great reputation among our users. Those who care about proxy payback, and who are looking for low-cost Eastern European IPs, liked Personal Shared proxies from 10 countries, including the new locations of 2021 — Singapore, Austria, Sweden and Poland.


In 2021, we have added proxies from rare but popular countries, for example, private personal proxies of Ireland, datacenter and personal proxies of Singapore.

Regarding proxies from the United States, since the advent of personal proxies, the question of choosing a state within the country has arisen. This was one of your priority requests for improvements.

And in 2021, we have implemented this option for you! Now you use it to improve your work results by choosing cities and states.

We have launched the most convenient functionality with which you can filter proxy lists by country and ISP to then get the proxy lists that are best suited for your tasks. You don't need any additional software for this, you can do it directly in your profile. For example, download the list in any convenient format (CSV, TXT or URL).

Other services also have proxy-filtering functionality, but using ours, you won't face huge overpayments like other major providers.

And we think our interface will be the most convenient for you, as it was developed exclusively with your wishes in mind.

Payments and Renewal of Packages

In 2021, it became possible to replenish the balance from any Visa and Mastercard, regardless of the country and bank. Moreover, now everyone, without exception, can top up using a card from $1.

And in the past year, we have introduced you to the new Plan Upgrade feature. Now you can "upgrade" your package for a longer period of time, adding only the difference in price with the package for a longer period that you already have. Users have already appreciated the convenience of the new feature and the cost savings it provides.

Rsocks Proxy Checker v.3.0

We have made a big upgrade for the RSocks Proxy Checker service. Now our irreplaceable program allows you to check proxies for validity. And not only by the piece, but also large packs from 1000 IPs.

We also completely updated the design and made it more understandable and convenient, combined the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, added support for CURL libraries for HTTP checks and a number of other functional transformations.

And of course, the checker remains completely free for our beloved users.

Updated Design of rsocks.net

In 2021, we also redesigned the main pages of our website. Now using RSocks services is even easier, and all the elements look much nicer visually. You can evaluate the new design of RSocks right now.

Thank you all for staying with us and we wish you success in 2022!


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