27 Dec

Last Chance to Get a New Year's Benefit

Friends, Happy New Year. The holidays continue along with special deals from RSocks!

During the week, use the promo code HAPPYRS22 bonus when top up. But be careful, every day the percentage will decrease by 2%:

  • On January 3, the deposit bonus is +20%
  • On January 4, the deposit bonus is +18%
  • On January 5, the deposit bonus is +16%
  • On January 6, the deposit bonus is +14%
  • On January 7, the deposit bonus is +12%
  • On January 8, the deposit bonus is +10%

On January 9, the deposit bonus is +8%

Make the most of the promo code while it's so profitable!

Also for the last week, a 30% discount for any of the Residential Premium Mix packages (1000 IP, 4000 IP, 8000 IP and 12000 IP) after each one-time purchase from $300.

Start 2022 with RSocks :)

Have time to top up with the maximum bonus in your profile.


Latest news

Multiport — proxy with access to all of the locations and operators available on RSocks

Scaling Mobile Proxies, Creating the Multiport service, Optimization of Plans of Residential And Exclusive Proxies, as Well as a Price Decrease of Datacenter Proxies and Other Relevant Improvements

We’ve added a new location, Singapore, for the Dataсenter plan and in the Shared Personal proxy line

Replenishment bonus, residential proxy packages as a gift. The offer is limited, hurry up to rip the benefits!

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