10 Dec

Themed plans are now twice as cheap and effective!

Proven and well-known among our users, plans for Amazon, Aliexpress, Avito, Craiglist, Facebook, Instagram, Ozon, Steam, Twitch, VK, WildBerries and YouTube are now more affordable. Prices for the plans have been reduced by up to 50%:

  • Day — $10;
  • Week — $30 ($50);
  • Month — $100 ($200).

20,000 proxies in the pool successfully cope with any tasks on the required resources. And with the new increased number of ports (from 300 to 500), the performance has also increased by 60%.

Feel the benefits of buying packages for the new price!


Latest news

Multiport — proxy with access to all of the locations and operators available on RSocks

Scaling Mobile Proxies, Creating the Multiport service, Optimization of Plans of Residential And Exclusive Proxies, as Well as a Price Decrease of Datacenter Proxies and Other Relevant Improvements

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We’ve added a new location, Singapore, for the Dataсenter plan and in the Shared Personal proxy line

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