01 Sep

Mobile proxies with a choice of rotation!

Often, when performing certain operations, updating the address every 5 minutes is too fast. We took this into account and now you can buy US mobile proxies with rotation of every 10 or 30 minutes!

This option is not available for all locations. At the moment it is supported by proxies from Miami, AT&T carrier.

How to choose a suitable rotation speed on a website? Very simple! All devices purchased on the site will have the usual rotation every 5 minutes. If you are used to this and do not want to change anything, then for you everything will remain unchanged. If you want to try a rotation of 10 or 30 minutes, please contact the support service so that our specialists change it to a new value.

At the same time, the proxy settings remain the same, their other characteristics have not changed. Hurry up to try the new feature of US mobile proxies!


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