16 Jun

New mobile proxies in 4 countries

The usage of mobile proxies in different projects gives you a full freedom of action even when working with large services with rather strict policies towards customers.

That is why a wide selection of mobile proxies has always been our priority. We are developing it in various ways. This time, we are presenting to you our new proxies of four different countries!

  • Turkey, Istanbul, Turk Telekom;
  • United Kingdom, London: O2, Vodafone and Three;
  • Germany, Frankfurt: O2 and Vodafone;
  • USA, Verizon;

It is worth singling out the appearance of additional states, as there were five at once:

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana ;
  2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
  3. Birmingham, Alabama;
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina;
  5. Virginia Beach, Virginia;

Prices for all proxies remain the same for each country. Turkey is available for:

  • Day - 5$;
  • Week - 25$;
  • Month - 80$;

All of the offers are already displayed and can be bought or tested at the personal account.


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