31 May

Update the working pool of mobile proxies!

It is important to us that the offerings available on RSocks allow the users to perform the full range of required tasks. Therefore, one of our priorities is a continuous increase in the number of products available.

Mobile proxies are used for advertising, data collection, social networking, and other web services. At the same time, the high level of trust from the target resource, which they provide, allows you to deal with the complexities and limitations of the work effectively.

That's why we're launching new proxies from the USA again! This time you can find six new cities:

  • Chicago;
  • Philadelphia;
  • Atlanta;
  • Detroit;
  • Nashville;
  • Phoenix;

All locations have a Verizon mobile carrier. AT&T and T-Mobile are also available for Chicago. Prices for all U.S. proxies remain the same:

  • $10 - day;
  • $30 - week;
  • $100 - month;

So, in the U.S. section there are currently 17 cities to choose from. Hurry up and try the new offer first!


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