28 May

Express Exclusive plans sale!

Squeeze out the maximum from Exclusive plans! The most high-grade Wi-Fi and Mobile proxies till the end of the current month are available with a 60% discount. All the plans bought with this discount will automatically expire on the first of June.

The earlier you buy it, the more time you will have to work with it! Its price and volume of traffic remain unchanged

Prices considering the discount:

Wi-Fi plans

  • Exclusive MIN - $12;
  • Exclusive MID - $40;
  • Exclusive MAX - $120;

Mobile plans

  • Exclusive MIN - $8;
  • Exclusive MID - $30;
  • Exclusive MAX - $40;

Get a move on! You are still capable of including the most effective proxies in your project for the least possible price! Get yourself a plan right now to have more time available!


Latest news

We are continually expanding our 4G/LTE proxy line. This time, the update is related both to the appearance of completely new locations and to the development of the already presented ones.

New IP addresses from the U.S. are available for purchase on RSocks at the same prices.

We have launched many data center plans with new proxies from the United States!

Any Exclusive package you can purchase for 60% of the price. But it will be valid until the end of May, regardless of the launch day.

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