27 May

New! US Data Center Proxies!

This time, the changes have affected data center proxies. We distributed all the addresses into pools with fixed locations and added the ability to buy them all at once. As a result, 9 fresh plans are available to you!

New proxies are designed to help with projects that require a stable connection and fixed IP address geolocation throughout. These features allow you to use data center proxies for a variety of projects related to online bots, bulk posting, scraping data online with a small number of requests to the target resource, registering and maintaining accounts.

Many services do not check the IP of visitors to belong to a mobile operator or home ISP. In this case, data center addresses will not cause difficulties and will give the desired result faster!

Each package contains proxies from one of the states: California, New York, Florida, and Texas. Their cost does not differ from their counterparts of other countries.

For 1 000 IPs:

  • Day - $9
  • Week - $29
  • Month - $99

For 3 000 IPs:

  • Day - $25
  • Week - $75
  • Month - $195

USA MIX - 12 000 IPs:

  • Day - $90
  • Week - $290
  • Month - $990

Try the new plans right now! Take advantage of the free trial and find the best deal for you! All of them are already available for purchase on RSocks in the Data Center proxy section!


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