12 May

Top up with a card from $1!

We are aware of the need of many RSocks users to recharge with cards from various banks over the world. Previously, we had to limit the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from a card to protect against receiving illegally obtained funds. The high minimum caused a lot of inconvenience to many users.

We are pleased to inform you that now everyone, without exception, can top up your account with a card from $1! However, to successfully activate this feature, the account owner must fill out personal information to confirm their identity.

Confirming your identity is easy: go to "Additional Information", fill in the required fields, and upload a photo. The photo must contain a bank card and an identity document. The identity verification procedure is required only once. Identity verification is a forced measure designed to protect us from the increasing incidence of fraud.

We understand that providing such information is out of the question without a high degree of trust. The RSocks team guarantees that the personal data obtained won't be shared with third parties. This information is used solely to confirm that the bank card belongs to you.


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