30 Apr

Even more mobile proxies on RSocks!

We continue to develop mobile proxies: we are working on their stability, increasing the speed of operation, and adding new countries, cities, and operators.

Today we are launching a new country - Hungary. The proxy servers are in Budapest and connect to the network via Vodafone SIM cards.

There are also new proxies of countries and cities that have already been introduced here. Among the new locations:

  • Germany: Berlin, Vodafone operator;
  • France: Paris, SFR and Bouygues Telecom;
  • Russia: Krasnodar, MTS, Beeline, Megafon.

Our devices work changing the IP address every 5 minutes, 10 threads, unlimited traffic, and support for http/socks5 protocols.

Prices for all offers are the same as for analogs from other countries. Mobile addresses from Hungary, France, and Germany can be found for:

  • 1 day - $5
  • 1 week - $25
  • 1 month - $80

Operators from Krasnodar are available at the price of other cities in Russia:

  • 1 day - $3
  • 1 week - $10
  • 1 month - $40

Hurry up to try new products in action! New mobile proxies have already been added to RSocks!


Latest news

We are continually expanding our 4G/LTE proxy line. This time, the update is related both to the appearance of completely new locations and to the development of the already presented ones.

New IP addresses from the U.S. are available for purchase on RSocks at the same prices.

We increase the discount for the whole Exclusive line to 60%! All the plans bought with it will automatically expire on the first of June.

We have launched many data center plans with new proxies from the United States!

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