24 Mar

Sale! Discount on data center proxy packages!

Data center proxies are well known for their advantages: high speed, fast response and almost 100% uptime. These characteristics are great to solve different tasks in a wide variety of projects.

This month you can get even more benefit from using these proxies, because we have reduced prices for most packages by 30%!

For example, the 1000 Belgium IP addresses package now costs $ 41 less:

Initial cost:

  • $15 per day
  • $40 per week
  • $140 per month

Price in March:

  • $9 per day
  • $29 per week
  • $99 per month

As always, using the data center proxy package you will get:

  • 1000 - 5000 IP-addresses of the country you need;
  • SOCKS4 / 4a, SOCKS5, HTTP protocols support;
  • 500 available threads by default;
  • Static proxy pool during the entire period of usage;

Reduced prices are valid until the end of the promotion - until at least March 31! Hurry up to get the maximum benefit from using proxies, the lowest prices are still actual!


Latest news

The newest features for the Exclusive Mix line, which allow you to receive proxies of GEO or provider you need

30% price reduction! The promotion for this line is declared indefinite!

Now you can replenish your balance using Visa, Mastercard, JCB or AMEX bank card, regardless of the country and bank

The geography of mobile proxies has become even richer, because we have added two new locations! Now you can try mobile addresses from New Zealand and San Diego!

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