12 Feb

Major update of Mobile proxies has launched on RSocks!

European mobile proxies are the best tool for performing a set of tasks, whether it is affiliate marketing, registration or account management, parsing, and others.

Today it became possible to choose the most suitable proxies for yourself, among the most exclusive GEOs of our planet. Their quality is no less exclusive; the speed of some of them reaches up to 20 MB/s!

The other parameters of the new proxies remain the same
• Updates every 5 minutes
• Traffic is unlimited
• Authorization by IP or login/password
• HTTP(S) и SOCKS5 protocols support

Switzerland, France, Romania, and the new Italian city of Rome

Request a trial in your profile and check out the operation of the new proxies for free now

Important! It is just the beginning. Now we will update the list of mobile locations every week and include exclusive deals in their announcement. Follow the news


Latest news

A rich assortment of European locations is now available for the best prices

A new European GEO for Personal Shared and Data Center proxies at once!

We have increased a number of personal and data center proxies. This time the new country is Belgium. These tariffs prices and characteristics have not changed.

The list of available GEOs of proxies from the RSocks team has been replenished with another Asian country!

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