05 Feb

Austria! New location on RSocks!

New arrival of the most cost-effective proxies on RSocks!

Austria entered the existing list of available 15 countries of the Personal Shared Proxy package only for $0.4 for 1 IP per month!

We guarantee speed connection stability and high uptime. You get a dedicated proxy that only 3 users have access to.

Moreover Austria is now available in a new data center proxy package, which has 17 packages from 14 different countries today!

The package includes 1000 IPs localized in the heart of Europe. These are stable IPv4 data center proxies of 500 threads, supporting all popular HTTP/SOCKS protocols, which assure a stable uptime of 99.9% and high speed up to 100 Mb/s.


  • $15 per day;
  • $40 per week;
  • $140 per month.

New proxies are already available on our website in your personal account and are ready to use!

RSocks support team answer any questions!


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