01 Feb

Belgium data center proxies: from 1 to 1000 IP!

We expand the possibilities for working with resources where IP addresses from Western Europe are required. This time we present to your attention a new country. We have two new services from Belgium for you:

Shared personal proxy (Belgium)

Belgium data center proxy, static IP address, which can be shared between three users. 2 authorization methods are available: by IP or by login/password. The limit to the number of threads is 100. Support for all popular protocols.

The price does not differ from other tariffs in this line:

  • 0.2$ for one IP per week
  • 0.4$ for one IP per month
  • 2$ for one IP per half year

Server Belgium package

One thousand pure static data center proxies from Belgium. Ip authorization is available. The limit to the number of threads is 500. Support for all popular protocols.

There is a standard price for this new package:

  • $15 per day
  • $40 per week
  • $140 per month

Hurry up and be the first to try new offers from RSocks for the best price! Both types of proxies are ready for using and are available on our website!


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