30 Nov

New free proxies direction!

RSocks team opens a new direction - free proxies! Now all our users can get a list of public working servers. You just need to open the site, choose the appropriate filters and download the list of working IPs.

The lists contain only working http/socks5 servers from different countries. Do you want to start anonymous work on the Web or check your software work? Then free proxy lists are the best for you.

As usual, free proxies are quite universal. Although free proxies quality and productivity are worse than paid proxies, you can use it for different tasks such as: registration, posting, cheating, mailing, parsing and other.

Public proxies are broadly distributed over the Internet. There is no need to sign up to use these proxies. It is enough to know the IP address and port. So, it is easy to work with free proxies through any software.

Speed is one of the weak points of public proxies. We constantly check the speed of our free proxies, so they are faster than usually found in other free lists.

Also we test other free proxy parameters: ping, uptime, presence in spambases, etc. So, the quality of our selected servers is better than you can expect from Internet free lists. Moreother, inoperative proxy servers are periodically changed by others.

Only RSocks users can renew proxy lists, you just need to open your personal account and download actual IP addresses. You can download the whole list in IP:port format or filter it by the required parameter.

Don't forget that public IPs can't be used for personal purposes, as personal data transmission, passwords and bank details.

We can't guarantee the anonymity and safety of personal data, because the owner of a public server is unknown.


Latest news

A rich assortment of European locations is now available for the best prices

The list of available GEOs keeps expanding. Now, joined by Switzerland, France, Romania, the Utah state (USA) and the new Italian city of Rome

A new European GEO for Personal Shared and Data Center proxies at once!

We have increased a number of personal and data center proxies. This time the new country is Belgium. These tariffs prices and characteristics have not changed.

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