09 Nov

3Mob and life:) – new mobile network operators from Ukraine!

Mobile proxies of Ukraine continue to be very popular. Mobile IP addresses of this country successfully perform tasks in a variety of areas, so the demand for them is continuously growing.

To help you work with the Ukrainian proxy, we are launching TWO new mobile operators – 3Mob and life:) These are popular providers that are widely represented in Kyiv with a large pool of unique IP addresses.

All the main technical characteristics stay the same and do not differ from other mobile proxies on RSocks. Prices have remained unchanged either:

  • $3 per day
  • $10 per week
  • $40 per month

At the same time, you can access 10 threads, socks5/http protocols support, and IP changes every 5 minutes.

Hurry up to try out the latest offer from RSocks! Proxies of two new operators are already available on our website!


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