11 Aug

The Exclusive Mix package is available again on RSocks!

We are happy to inform you that our most popular package of exclusive residential proxies is back and already available to every user, but it's not all! Now it costs half less than before!

How did we do it? First of all, for Exclusive mix packages, it is now possible to use SMTP ports for an additional fee. So, you don't have to overpay if you don't need them! Besides, we were able to optimize the proxies operation taking into account the real needs of users of Exclusive mix and Limited packages.

When you buy an updated Exclusive mix package, you can see how much traffic is available on your subscription. This number depends on the size of the pool and the duration of the subscription. For example, the standard Exclusive mix #1 pool with 4000 IP addresses has such prices and traffic amounts:

1 hour (20GB) — $10
1 day (100GB) — $30
1 week (1TB) — $150
1 month (4TB)— $600

If an allotted traffic volume is not enough for you, you can buy more any time later. For example, for the same package Exclusive mix #1, you can add more traffic at the following prices:

+100GB — $20
+500GB — $60
+1000GB — $100

Their work will remain at the same high level that you are used to. Hurry up to try a well-known package under new conditions!


Latest news

There are new US cities in the mobile proxies section. Mobile operator Verizon, prices for new products remain the same.

Now every RSocks user can recharge the balance with a bank card for any amount. The functionality is available after providing additional details about the profile owner.

Proxy plan configuration in the Exclusive set has changed. Now it’s easier to pick the most suitable package, you just need to choose one of four

We are glad to inform you about the new mobile proxies from Hungary, France, Germany, and Russia. Prices for all new offers remain at the same level.

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