18 Mar

The package has been updated on a large scale.

We're happy to announce, that after a long period of time China package has been finally updated! Because we have increased the number of proxies by almost 7 times, the performance of the package has improved drastically! Now the pool includes 20,000 fresh residential IP addresses from China.

Such changes affected the price of the service just a little. Now we charge:

  • $50 per day;
  • $200 per week;
  • $700 per month.

We hope that you will be able to evaluate the capabilities of the increased pool and find a worthy use for it.

The package always contains real residential IP addresses, accepts 500 concurrent connections, and support http/socks5 protocols.

Additionally, you can upgrade your China package. This means, that you can always extended your subscription for a longer period of time. This feature will help you to save money buying packages for a short period of time without overpaying in case you wish to get a longer subscription.

The updated Chinese proxies are already available for purchase. Don't delay to try the improved package now!


Latest news

RSocks makes its service even more affordable.

Packages with 1000 IP addresses from Ukraine and Canada are already available in your account. .

Mar 2020

For the first time on RSocks Russian mobile proxies have become available!

We are releasing our chatbot on Telegram. Now you can get proxies or VPN without registering on our website. It's fast, convenient and safe!

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