31 Jan

Now your proxies work not only on Linux

You knew that this thing can be used to detect and identify you, didn't you? In many cases, Linux fingerprint can spoil your job, because this OS is not typical for a normal user.

We took this issue into account and created a new customizable parameter for our private proxies! And with this new feature there are now 6 operating systems choose from: MacOS, Android, Windows NT, Windows XP, or Windows 7/8.

This feature is already available for all private proxies. Just go to your personal account and select the OS for each personal proxy you have. You can change OS fingerprint whenever you want to.

Try different fingerprint s to find which one is best for your tasks. This will help your online experience to become even more secure and anonymous.

Make the best of this new feature with private proxies by RSocks.


Latest news

Swedish IP addresses are highly valued when working with various resources and required by many users, so we are launching a new high-speed Swedish proxy pack for you.

Now you can get new Scandinavian IP addresses for only $0.2!

The new unlimited proxies with high speed are suitable for working with the most complex projects.

The Personal Shared line, which is very popular among users, has received a new European GEO - Poland!

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