18 Oct

Free vpn for a month!

RSocks launches a new promotion!

A month of free VPN with a weekly or monthly package!

In order for everyone to appreciate the quality of our vpn service, we give VPN subscription for a month to everyone who buys proxy at least for one week.

The promotion is valid from October 19 to November 19, 2017.

To participate in the promotion and receive a free VPN, you need to enter the promotional code "VPNfromRSocks" when purchasing a weekly or monthly package of standard or exclusive proxies.

Keep your anonymity and privacy free, with RSocks!


Latest news

Plan auto-renewal, GEO filters savings and a redesigned dashboard — everything for easy and pleasant use

The city of Groningen and two mobile carriers are already available for purchase at standard prices.

Belgium and Iran are already available for purchase online

We are opening more countries of Eastern Europe for the plans of Datacenter and Shared Datacenter proxies. The price remains the same

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