03 Oct

We start the 5 days of Exclusive Promotion

Have you been thinking of moving to exclusive proxies for a long time? It's time!

This promotion is right for you! Embrace high-end proxies now! Exclusive Mix is purchasable in your account at a 20% discount until October 8th inclusive.

Exclusive Mix includes only clean, stable and fast proxies, because we generate a personal package of them for every user. Hot swapping of bad proxies guarantees steady work flow

If you work with big data, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Twitch, Amazon etc, which may quickly block even the cleanest proxies, then the package Exclusive Mix is just what you need.

Apply for a free trial to make sure of them. Don't delay — the promotion is valid only until October 8th (inclusive) for 7-days and 30-days packages.


Latest news

We are continually expanding our 4G/LTE proxy line. This time, the update is related both to the appearance of completely new locations and to the development of the already presented ones.

New IP addresses from the U.S. are available for purchase on RSocks at the same prices.

We increase the discount for the whole Exclusive line to 60%! All the plans bought with it will automatically expire on the first of June.

We have launched many data center plans with new proxies from the United States!

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