21 Aug

The summer is ending so do not miss a 20% discount on the most popular packages of proxies

Our proxy packages are perfect solutions for many tasks and we want to provide them to our customers on the most favorable terms.
That's why RSocks starts a promotion of the most popular proxy packages. From today up until the end of summer, all users can buy our most popular plans Russia PRO, Europe PRO and Mail Special with a 20% discount!

New promotion

Actually these packages are already available at following prices:

  • Russia PRO: $24/day | $160/week | $/640month
  • Europe PRO: $24/day | $160/week | $/640month
  • Europe: $24/day | $120/week | $480/month
  • Mail Special: $48/day $144/week | $480/month

Make haste to buy some proxies now! The promotion will last only until September 1t!


Latest news

We are continually expanding our 4G/LTE proxy line. This time, the update is related both to the appearance of completely new locations and to the development of the already presented ones.

New IP addresses from the U.S. are available for purchase on RSocks at the same prices.

We increase the discount for the whole Exclusive line to 60%! All the plans bought with it will automatically expire on the first of June.

We have launched many data center plans with new proxies from the United States!

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