08 May

ShadowSocks from RSocks team

There is no reliable VPN service on the market to ensure normal operation of Google’s usual services while you are on a business trip or live in a place where the usual VPN does not work (For example in China).

The RSocks project has found a solution! ShadowSocks is a unique open source project based on the SOCKS5 protocol, designed to circumvent censorship. At the heart of Shadowsocks are precisely the methods of circumventing restrictions on access to sites, so you no longer need to worry about problems with sending emails to Gmail or Facebook!

Shadowsocks uses several TCP connections at once. This allows you to achieve a higher connection speed! You can freely communicate on Facebook, post on Instagram and watch your favorite videos on YouTube! Read more about how Shadowsocks work in our blog.

Already, you can take advantage of all the benefits of working through ShadowSocks, for this you need to purchase a Shadow subscription on the VPN page or in your RSocks account.

Stay connected anywhere in the world with RSocks!


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