14 Mar

Private Mix

We moved some work related to the launch of new packages overnight.

The system update was successful, however, some users may have noticed interruptions in access to the site.

Now everything works and we are pleased to introduce a new proxy pack!

Lately we got many questions from our users about perfect proxy lists: which one is better to choose, if strict requirements on the characteristics of the package does not imposes or user doesn’t know them at all.

Especially for this users we found a great solution!

Today happy to announce the launch of new proxy pack - Private Mix:

  • Online: 10 000 IP
  • Updates: up to 20% every hour
  • Number of threads: 500
  • Price: $8 per hour | $20 per day | $150 per week | $600 per month

This is the all-purpose solution perfectly suitable for all your tasks. Private Mix pack has unlimited traffic and all ports are open. In this pack has been established the average uptime and that makes it great for any purpose!

Are there any doubts? You can request a free test in your account or through RSocks support team. For testing, a subscription for 1 hour of traffic is provided. Ensure all the benefits yourself!


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