29 Dec

Norway is the 40th location of Personal Proxy!

There are so many new records RSocks team sets in the past year!

Over the last month, we released a large number of updates: introduced new Exclusive plus proxy, launched a special Limited packs.

Some days ago we added five new Personal Proxy countries only to set another record today! just 5 days ago added five new Personal Proxy countries to set another record today! Now in your account available 40 locations!

Now in your account available 40 locations!

Today we announce the launch of the server, which has become 40m on our list: Norway

  • $ 6 per month
  • $ 30 for 6 months
  • $ 60 per year

Remind you that only two days are left until the end of the Happy Secure Year promo: do not miss the chance to purchase the necessary proxy and VPN packages at a discount!

Still didn’t find the necessary GEO in the list?

Leave your suggestions and our support team will add it in the near future:

Jabber: support@rsocks.net | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335



Latest news

Leave detailed feedback and use fresh proxies for free. Try ten new residential packages.

On devices of Miami, USA, AT&T carrier you can now select one of three rates of IP address renewal.

Exclusive mix packages are available for 50% of the price. The package will be active until the end of August.

We have renewed the appearance of the mobile proxies pages on the website and in the dashboard. From now on you can work with them in a faster and more convenient way.

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