28 Dec

Year in Review 2018

On the eve of the New Year, it is a right time to sum up the results and make plans for the next year. Looking back, we were really surprised at the work that was done to make RSocks faster and even more convenient.

2018 has become especially productive for RSocks:

  • The RSocks.net was visited by more than 95,000 people, of which 3,700 became our users.
  • We have provided a total of over 1.2 million IP addresses online - and this is not the limit for us!
  • Connected more than 35 countries for Personal proxies. And even more than 10K IP, we keep in reserve to meet your needs.
  • Added more than 20 VPN locations, without disregarding any request for new servers. And for the convenience of customers, we have released the RSocks VPN app for iOS, so that the use of the VPN service is as convenient as possible!
  • We launched and actively continue a huge website update - we reworked some of the pages with package offers in order to make the choice of the ideal package even easier and faster!

And also, along the way, they repelled 9 DDoS attacks of different power, each of which confirmed that we were moving in the right way!

We sensitively follow the needs of our users and make maximum efforts to offer the best service. The impetus for continuous development for us is the constant growth of registrations and user activity.

This year we focused on expanding our package line to provide you with a really large selection of tariffs:

  • Introduced a completely new direction Limited - a special package of exceptionally clean IP’s that have never been used before. A unique offer that has no analogues.
  • We launched a line of tariffs Exclusive Plus - a new generation of exclusive proxies, in the development of which we managed to achieve a higher level of purity and stability!
  • Added Mobile proxy, which are ideal for working with social networks.
  • Introduced Server proxies - a stable uptime of 99.9% and the highest possible data transfer rate!

In 2019 you will find even more new personal locations, a huge number of new thematic tariffs and exclusive offers!

All our achievements have become possible only thanks to you. We become better after each complaint, request, and suggestion that we receive from our users.

Thank you for your trust - we make every effort to constantly improve the service, introduce only the best technologies and offer the best conditions.

Happy New Year!

Secure connections and encrypted channels, stable online and the purest IP! We remind you that the support team works 24/7 all holidays!

All year on guard your anonymity on 24/7,

RSocks team.


Latest news

We are launching new mobile proxies from the United Kingdom. EE became the fourth mobile operator from the UK available to use. It is already available for purchase for all users at the regular price.

We are launching mobile proxies from Orlando (USA). New virgin IP addresses, high speed, and proven reliability of the operation. With all that, prices for all the plans remain the same

We are expanding our geography in all directions at once! We are presenting to you our new products

Now you can get unlimited 4G/LTE proxies at the lowest price of just $3!

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