14 Dec

Residential proxy | All favorite proxies in new format

This year, the RSocks team worked very hard to improve and develop the project: they introduced more than 15 new locations, launched a separate RSocks VPN application on iOS, added a large number of proxy and VPN packages for each of you. And we are not resting on our laurels, so by the end of the year we have prepared a massive update - meet the completely updated section of Packet proxies!

What changed? Now all the packages are grouped into 3 large categories: Geo, Special and Mix packages.

GEO plans

Geo-packs are task-oriented when a specific region is strictly necessary. All IP's are conveniently grouped by country and are ideal for registering accounts, parsing site positions and similar tasks where a specific region is needed.

Special plans

Special plans are addressing to specific tasks – they have prolonged update time with extra online, ports or speed. Working with these proxies may give you additional discounts and gifts from our partners.

Most recently, we announced the launch of the Micro, Lite and Global Mix packages, which are great for solving complex tasks. And the Mail Special, Twitch Pack and YouTube Pack have been created to work optimally with services of the same name.

Mix proxy

Mix packages are an excellent solution that is suitable for solving many different tasks. Exclusive proxy packages are provided only in one hand, it ensures high quality and stability in the process of use.

In all Mix packages the proxy quality and update time to 30% of new proxies were significantly improved.

Another important update: for your convenience “Exclusive proxies” have been moved to the current section.

Now you can enter the number of IP in a special field or set the desired value on the scale, and the system will independently select the optimal package.

We continue to improve packages and connect new GEOs.

Just write your wishes for new countries or describe why you need proxy lists for support team to select a suitable proxy package.


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