05 Oct

Server proxies: price cut and evaluation period

Today we have two pleasant announcements to make - especially for those who appreciates our server proxies for their extra stability and connection speed:

- We've considerably cut subscription prices

- added a free of cost evaluation use option

Server proxies price cut

To let more users evaluate our server proxies’s quality, we’ve decided to make them more affordable. Currently, you can purchase US and Germany server plans at very attractive prices:

  • Germany 1000 IP - $40 weekly / $160 monthly
  • US 2500 IP - $60 weekly / $240 monthly
  • US 5000 IP - $120 weekly / $480 monthly

New server in Japan is expected to be launched shortly.

Evaluation use

To access the trial, you must leave a message with your login for our site on any of the following forums:

  • BlackHatWorld
  • BHF
  • Exploit

After leaving a message, contact our support by any convenient method to verify your account and get trial access.

After the end of the evaluation period you can also receive up to 30 additional minutes of free use if you leave either positive or neutral feedback in one of the listed forums. For more details about the trial use, access your RSocks personal profile.

Share your requests, questions and suggestions on GEO and IP count with our support by any convenient means:

Jabber: support@rsocks.net | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335


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