I was looking for a great proxy service that offers residential proxies, and i found rsocks! they are the best in the internet, great quality !


I am from Brazil and I got to test Rsocks for a while, the company is good and the quality is also indisputable, I did what I promised, unfortunately you have a high price but it is because the quality is guaranteed, I recommend it to everyone mainly Brazilians.


I have been using the services for more than 2 years! Great service. I recommend to everyone!


I had an exp with such service. For my opinion it's the most quality solution on the market now. I hope this guys will increase their mobile proxies country pool


I want to give a 100% approve using this proxies I recommend it fast and easy to use.


Hi. I tried the proxies and the result as I expected was great and there are no problems at all, I tried the proxies for an hour working fast without problems the service is high quality, support and dealing from you is very nice there is no doubt about that :)


Work with these folks from beginning of administration! Immaculate all day, every day support.


The best proxies I've tried in my entire life, 100% recommended, are the best proxies that have existed on the entire planet, I tried the free trial and it was the best thing that could have happened to me


Rsocks are the best proxies provider you can find !!! and they have one of the fastest support if you have any problem or query .


Very fast proxies that work on everything
Many packages to choose from, you can pause your proxies service in the any moment,
offer a free trial (you can't beat that is the best... in my case I already asked for)
The support is fast in my case Telegram
Excellent Service the truth :D


I've just tested their US Residential proxies and all i can say is, that they are pretty good.
The proxies were really fast and lasted pretty long.
If i had to compare @RSocks with other proxy providers that i've tried, i can say @RSocks was definitly one of the best i've tried.
The only "negative" thing is that only 20% get updated every two hours.

All in all i can just recommend them to everyone who is looking for great proxies.

EDIT: Another positive thing is the Support. Very fast answers & it only took a few minutes to receive the test proxies.


Vouch for rsocks, been using mainly them for almost anything. Superb service and proxies.


Big vouch, probably the best Socks service on the market! not the cheapest, though if you are looking for the best one, it's rsocks!


My review for Rsocks Proxies i think its the best for what I use it for. Its good for cracking i get insane cpm when cracking. Its worth it tbh I like them and I Im for sure sticking with them. overall 100% cool fast proxies.
Thanks Rsocks best proxies out there


Great source of proxies,fastest among all providers on nulled and friendly support team


Vouch for RSocks - professional and good working proxy service!
Even though I had some issues at first, the support was super friendly and helpful.
If you're looking for HQ Proxies, this provider is definitely the way to go.


I was looking for a great proxy service that offers residential proxies, and i found rsocks! they are the best in the internet, great quality !


I want to say that is the greatest service of proxies that i ever used ! , awesome panel , awesome support ! great!


Been using their service for quite sometime and It's really good with the number of threads they allow and how frequently the proxy rotation takes place. I would totally recommend giving them a shot and you'll end up sticking with them especially due to their 30% off code for BHW members. I've been on the World Mix package and it was great.


- Very fast Proxys
- Amazing Support
- Has many packages to choose from
- I hope they continue like this, since it is an experience like no other. I will be a buyer without hesitation


Just tested these proxies they're extremely fast and really good if you're doing multiple tasks at once. Very rare for them to get banned a bit pricey but worth it if you need blazing fast proxies (you get what you pay for)
Support is great and helpful
Highly Recommend


Bought USA package 1 week ago, all works good. Vouch +++

P.S prices are very low, hurry up!


Tested the proxies for an hour they are decent actually i was able to keep 100 consecutive viewers on twitch which is pretty good seems good with the discounts they are offering


Vouch for this service, In my opinion the best proxy service out there. Its worth every penny and if you are looking for proxies for any use then this is the service for you. 10/10 service!


Just got a free test on RSocks residential proxy . Here what i got :
- Huge list port to use, auto change ip and remove non working ip
- Fast speed , high quality proxy , unique ip
- Their system really easy to use
- Fast support
Recommend Proxy Service
waiting for more discount ;)


First and foremost, great customer service.
They have a good selection of worldwide residential proxies and they are all very fast.
I would recommend these proxies to anyone.


Vouch for RSocks.
These proxies are the best IMO. ( from lots i tested )
There are lots of packages and the best part it's that you can test for free and see without paying if the proxies are good or not for your needs
Also their support answers fast ( a few mins ).
If you can't decide what proxies to buy , i would suggest you RSocks. Very qualitative.


Very fast proxies working on all protocols lots of packages to choose from you can even pause your own sub and it's very very very cool !!!!!! they offer a free test (cant beat that) & for invest its good
Support is fast and on all types of platforms
I will buy soonly this package !


Very fast proxies working on all protocols (Https, Socks 4, Socks 5) lots of packages to choose from you they offer a free test that works exactly as if you were to buy a package, support is the fastest support I have ever seen and is available on all types of platforms I will be a recurring customer for sure!


This are very good proxies. It works on every website without any problems Recommend them to everyone!


Just got a free test on RSocks, and I was super amazed. Alll proxies working HQ and there were no problems using them at all!
- I can really recommend this service.


This are very good proxies. It works on every website without any problems Recommend them to everyone!


Good proxies, very fast work, anonymity at the highest level i really love the way my softwares work at very fast speed, i mus say that this proxy service it's one of the better price/quality i have ever used

im happy with this service and i wanted to share my opinion. thanks and regards.


Hands down the most superior proxy service on the market, from performance to reliability to scalability and support RSocks has you covered, do not hesitate to purchase!



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