You should register on our site. Then you need to make request for test period in section «Standard proxy - request test». To get confirmation you have to text to support.
You need to add credits to your balance and buy package(s) automatically in control panel in section Standard proxy - my packages.
We accept WMZ, WMR, BTC, PayPal, Yandex.Money.
No, but you can send momeny from your QIWI wallet to WMZ.
We recommend 500 threads but you can use more than 500 (in this case we can’t guarantee hiqh quality).
Each package is available to be used only with one IP address. You can expand the authorization IP list, but this is payable service. Additional IP for work costs half from price of package.
Proxies are updated automatically every 2 hours, after every update you get up to 30% of fresh proxies. IP and all ports are changed
Unfortunately, there is no way to do it.
Unfortunately this service is not available now. But you can purchase package and then use our free Proxy Checker app to filter addresses by desired country. Link for proxy checker page:
An example of Proxy Checker config is below:
PORT:      443
Threads:   50
Timeout:   10000
ReConnect: 0
For our customers we have created program that checks your IP every 10 minutes and change it. It's located in system tray and doesn't disturb you.

Download «RSocks IP Changer»
Yes. Our referral system conditions:

Less than 10 referrals - 10% of their purchases;
Up to 15 referrals - 15% of their purchases;
More than 15 referrals - 20% of their purchases;
The withdrawal of funds is from $ 50.
There are no free pauses on daily packages. There is 1 unlimited pause in weekly package, 5 free pauses in monthly packages. Also you can buy pauses that cost 10$ for 1 pc. In exclusive packages one pause costs $ 15.

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