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Residential proxies

We decided to create the best proxies that could provide you with the best performance in your tasks. But unfortunately, the quality of the proxy and high uptime and, most importantly, high online have a small con, and this is payment per GB.

But even here we tried to make sure that you are satisfied! When you buy 100 GB, you will pay $3 for 1 GB, while for other services you will have to spend more than $10, and on top of all that, you instantaneously get a package of 50,000 proxies.

14К+ Internet Service Providers
10K+ Satisfied users
220 Available countries

In what service have you ever met such a thing, so that it is so cheap and so many proxies in the package at once?

If you have any doubts, you can purchase 100 MB for a test and сheck the quality of our exclusive proxies!

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Exclusive TEST
100 MB
Number of ports
50 000
2 hours
Exclusive MIN
5 GB $6 /GB
Number of ports
50 000
30 days
till August 28
Exclusive MID
20 GB $5 /GB
Number of ports
50 000
30 days
till August 28
Exclusive MAX
100 GB $3 /GB
Number of ports
50 000
30 days
till August 28

Get your personalized price!

We are ready to offer unique conditions for users who need larger volumes of data traffic.

Worldwide coverage

Get proxies from any corner of the world. Easily filter IP addresses by country, region, city, or ISP right from your dashboard.

USA 25 000 IP
United Kingdom 10 000 IP
Russia 90 000 IP
France 10 000 IP
Germany 13 000 IP
Turkey 3 000 IP
Indonesia 36 000 IP
Vietnam 45 000 IP
Saudi Arabia 200 IP
Spain 2 000 IP
Brazil 13 500 IP
Ukraine 36 000 IP

Why do you need Exclusive residential proxies?

Price monitoring

Analyze pricing and e-commerce sites. Collect any data instantly from online stores or grocery sites.

Ad verification

Verify ads and affiliate links for all sorts of fraud like fake impressions and fake ad clicks. Improve ad performance.

Website accessibility

Check the availability of required resources in real time and from many different IP addresses.


Track changes of the site sections that are important for SEO. Provide accurate keyword rank analysis.


Parse large amounts of data on any site as quickly as possible.

Market research

Conduct a complete analysis of market structures, target segment, trends, and the performance of your advertising.

Speed testing

Determine data transfer speeds and site page load speeds through a proxy server of any location.

Brand protection

Prevent third parties from using your intellectual property without permission. Monitor and detect illegal activities online based on data analysis.

Why is Exclusive Mix the best?

Ability to configure the plan with the most appropriate parameters
No overpayment for unused resources
Support for all SOCKS and HTTP(S) protocols
Total transparency of all operations with the plan
Best uptime and non-blockage addresses on the Net
Personal support for every user 24/7

Feedback from our customers

Chris Kevin
I found RSocks through a proxy review by Proxyway. It reported that RS is one of the best proxy providers. My experience confirms this! The quality of exclusive IP proxies is comparable to ideal. The price is also reasonable! Plus, they are really responsive! Definitely 10 out of 10!
Peter Selawda
I have 7 years of experience in social media marketing automation! RSocks is always my favorite provider, they provide the highest quality proxies that work with lightning speed and with any software (at least the Exclusives worked with all the software I used). I would like to express my gratitude for their support, they are ALWAYS online and ready to help at any time and they are really great people in general. This is the best proxy provider I have ever used and I would recommend it to everyone without hesitation!
I buy exclusives for work on Instagram, I have never had any complaints, no blocking. Proxies of consistently excellent quality, I think the price-quality ratio is ideal. I used to buy in another service, such proxies are many times more expensive there.
I have been buying exclusive RSocks proxies for more than a year, the quality of the proxies is more than satisfying. They work smoothly, the connection is always stable. Rotation rate of every 15 minutes is not a publicity stunt, but it really is, which pleases. The price is adequate for a proxy of this level, plus you save your nerves and time.
xiao bai
I've been working on RSocks exclusives for a long time, it's convenient that the payment depends on the traffic, for me this is the most cost-efficient option. There are no complaints about the quality, if there are any questions, the support works out quickly. I recommend immediately buying the maximum package, this is the best offer on the entire market.
Kirill K
First I bought a test package, I was pleased with the speed of work and took the Exclusive MID. Addresses are working, there are no complaints. If everything stays the same, I will continue to buy. Over time, I plan to switch to the MAX package for more savings.
Manuel Trey
I have been using exclusives since their release on RS, for all the time there were no problems. And they regularly add new features and countries. Recently I took the max package for the first time, all proxies are clean. Respect
Great proxies, support always helps if there are any problems. Plus, promotions often come to email, so you can buy a proxy cheaper than on other sites. During all the time of working with Exclusive proxies, there were no problems, really high-quality residential proxies.
For several months I have been using exclusive proxies to work with marketplaces. The quality suits 100%! These are the fastest and most stable residential proxies I have ever worked with. I would like to highlight the convenience of filtering proxies by GEO, paying for 1 package I can at any time get a proxy of only a certain country.
Joe DreamChaser Joseph
The best proxies for parsing! For me, the most important thing is stability, so that you can specify the proxy in the software once and it would work 24/7 without failures. Exclusive proxies cope with this task perfectly. I forgot what locks and captchas are when parsing. Thanks for a quality product!

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Ask them to our round-the-clock support service. Maximum response time is five minutes.

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