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More than 8 000 000 top quality IPs
Get the maximum plan of 50 thousand proxies for 30 days!
Easy of use. Equal tariff. Pay only for data traffic.
Update every 15 minutes
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Latest proxy features

Select the traffic usage type for the received IPs to achieve the best result.


Residential proxies

Extensive pool

Set of 50 000 IP addresses

Highest speed of operation

Most affordable price


4G / LTE

Mobile proxies

High level of service trust

Set of 50 000 IP addresses

Least likely to block an IP address

Bypass locks of any resources


Create your own beneficial plan

Amount of traffic
Number of threads
Amount of traffic
350 GB $2 000
Number of threads
1 500 $500
$2 500
for 30 days
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Why is Exclusive Mix the best?

Ability to configure the plan with the most appropriate parameters
No overpayment for unused resources
Support for all SOCKS and HTTP(S) protocols
Total transparency of all operations with the plan
Best uptime and non-blockage addresses on the Net
Personal support for every user 24/7

Feedback from our customers

I took 100MB for the test and it's good for my task, I will buy a 10GB package
I could not find suitable IPs for a long time. Blocked quickly, but then I have found an exclusive package from Rsocks with LTE traffic. It's really cool
100% uptime, no interruptions at work + I can buy as many threads and traffic as needed, it's very economically
Support quickly answered all my questions and I had no doubts about the purchase. I don’t regret buying, it works perfectly for my tasks. I advise everyone
I have been using proxies for a long time, but I have not seen such ones yet. Support helped me to find the right type of traffic. I calculated the required number of threads and use it without overpayments. Thanks to the team

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