How to easily set up a proxy server on Windows 10? Let's get started!

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What is a proxy, by the way?

A proxy server is an intermediary between a user and external web resources. If you are connected to a proxy, your requests to web pages will not be sent directly from your device, but through an additional server, thereby opening you additional benefits, increasing anonymity and security of Internet use.

What advantages does a proxy server give to a user? Proxy has several useful properties that determine their use:

  • The main feature, which is used by most clients is replacement and hiding of the actual IP address.This may be required, for example, when you want to access a website that is prohibited in the country in which you connect to the Internet. Or if some Internet resources, that you are interested in, block access from foreign addresses. Another common case of faking your IP address is bypassing user bans on forums, social networks or other websites.
  • Another important feature of a proxy server is the possibility to control and limit the passing data, which is widely used on corporate networks. For example, using a proxy you can filter ads, protect users' computers from most viruses and fight spam. It is also possible to limit user access to some resources, for example, the access of employees to social networks through the office Internet.
  • The third interesting feature of a proxy, though much less widely used, is the ability to cache data, which gives a significant increase in download speeds and saves bandwidth usage, if a large number of users request the same content.

So, if you want to use a proxy server for these or any other tasks, already chose the type of proxy that suits you (ссылка на статью http/socks5) and you're ready to work, then the next step is to set up the connection to the proxy. Below we will look at the simplest case of manual proxy settings on Windows 10 and on a browser for a novice user to surf the Internet anonymously.

How to set up a proxy on Windows 10? Let's do it step by step

Go to Network & Internet settings

Then down to Proxy

Enter proxy's address and port

Log into the proxy

Step 1

Go to "start" → Open "Options" on the left panel (see the picture below)

Another way: Win + I shortcut will give the same result

Step 1

Step 2

After completing the first step, you get to the "Windows Settings" menu, where you need to select "Network and Internet" (see the picture)

Step 2

Step 3

On "Network and Internet" menu, on the left panel select the item "Proxy server", after which the proxy settings section pops up on the main window.

The section "Proxy server" contains two sub-items "automatic proxy configuration" and "manual proxy configuration", we will not dwell on the first sub-item and immediately proceed to manual configuration, which is most often used to connect to the Internet through a personal proxy.

Manual proxy configuration in this subsection consists of three steps (see picture below):

  • Turn it on
  • In the "Address" field, enter IP address of the proxy to which you want to connect, most likely it's in IPv4 format. In the "Port" field, enter the proxy port, it is usually specified together in IP:port format (for example, If you do not know the numbers to enter, we'll tell you where you can find them below.
  • Hit the "Save" button below.

Step 3

In addition, in the manual proxy settings, you can specify DNS to which you want to connect directly, without using a proxy, in the appropriate field.

Also, if necessary, you can put a check mark next to "Do not use the proxy server for local (intranet) addresses", not to use the proxy when working on local area netwrork.

Done! Now you can use the proxy!

Important thing! To work correctly with a proxy, you need to remember about authorization procedure. This is not necessary if you use a free public proxy, but if you choose a private one, it is likely that authorization will be required.

If you choose authorization by IP-address, then you need to make sure, that the IP address you're going to connect to the proxy, is included to the whitelist. If you use RSocks personal proxies, you can do it in your personal account.

Choosing authorization by login and password, the browser will prompt you for credentials when loading the first page and save them.

Another way to configure a proxy on Windows 10

The method described above is sufficient but does not allow you to manually configure some other hiden parameters. A configured proxy usually tries HTTP first In this case, it doesn't try to work on Socks5 at all.Read here what protocol you need.

If you want to work with multiple proxy protocols then these steps will come quite handy.

Step 1

On Windows 10 hit win + R→ in the appearing window run inetcpl.cpl

Win + R

Step 2.

In the appearing window select "Connections" tab, where in the "configure local network settings" select "network settings" (see picture below).

network setup

Step 3

The "Proxy server" section is located in the local network settings window. In this section, put a check mark "Use the proxy server for local connections" and click on the "Advanced" button.

Proxy Section

Step 4

Once in the proxy settings section, you can configure the proxy for each protocol separately. For example, running a proxy over multiple protocols over different ports or using different proxy servers for secure and unsecured connections. You can also select "one proxy for all protocols" if you use just one proxy.

Configure proxy protocol

How to disable a proxy server?

How to disable a proxy server when it is no longer needed? Again this can be done in one of two ways.

The first: Go to start→Settings→Network and Internet→Proxy server and turn off the "Use proxy server".

The second: Win + R → inetcpl.cpl → network setup and uncheck "use the proxy server for local connections".

Either ways are quite good.

Where can I find IP address and port to configure a proxy?

There are two ways to find them: You can search for free proxies on the Internet or buy private ones from a proxy provider

Free proxy servers can be easily found on the Internet with a simple search request. Pros of free public proxies—they are not reliable, can spy on you, work on low speeds, have spamhaus records, can be banned on popular resources, and often go offline. Anyway it won't harm you if you download a list of free proxies and check them with our proxy checker once in a while.

Thus, the use of free proxies has very limited use

But if you need fast, stable, secure, reliable proxy servers, then the best option is to buy it on RSocks. We create our own proxies and guarantee the high quality of all of our products.Our proxies can be used virtually for any purpose, which requires high levels of security and anonymity.


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