When can an American proxy be useful?

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The location of the proxy determines the speed, stability of the connection, and the ability to access web resources that place restrictions on foreign users.

American proxies are widely used in many Internet projects. When talking about American proxies, most often they mean the United States. Many web services located in the United States do not allow foreign customers to get full access to the content. Some websites even block such users altogether.

USA Proxy

As a result, you can find numerous free proxies from America, as well as high-quality commercial ones with a lot of extra options.

Proxy servers and website restrictions

How does using a proxy server help you get access to a foreign website? The answer is very simple. It helps disguise the user's real location by replacing his IP address with its own. To allow or deny access to their content, websites identify the country that their users belong to.

And the IP address helps those websites to get this information. The IP address is the unique number of any device connected to the Internet. The address is assigned to the user by their ISP when they log on to the Internet. All IP addresses are distributed between data centers and home Internet providers together with phone companies. This allows linking an IP address with device's location data. This data includes:

  • Country
  • City/region
  • Approximate coordinates
  • ISP name
  • ZIP code
  • Domain name

All the listed information is stored in special databases. There are a variety of them. That's why the same IP address may be identified differently according to different databases. This problem occurs mostly with addresses of data centers though. This issue is not relevant to most large home ISP or phone companies.

The thing is -- your IP address is handed over automatically and there is nothing you can do about it. Based on this information, a decision is made on whether to allow access to the service functionality. If your IP happens to be non-American one, then many popular resources may deny access or restrict it.

When do you need to use an American proxy?

By connecting to a proxy server, the user can download any web pages on its behalf. The proxy receives a request from the client, processes it, and redirects it to the target server. The target site can only know the proxy location based on its IP address.

If you use an American proxy, any service from the United States will receive requests containing an IP address corresponding to one of the States. .

When can this be useful? Below are some examples of American Internet services that restrict access for foreign users:

Video streaming services. Some of them cannot be accessed from a foreign address. A prime example is Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Both services are actually available from other countries, but the full access to all content is limited to users from the United States. Another example is Spotify, which is completely unavailable for some countries.

Internet marketing in the American segment. Instagram or Facebook promotion campaigns often require a large number of anonymous proxies from the United States. By the way, mobile proxies are the best choice for these tasks.

Access to games and game servers. Internet access via an American proxy can also be useful for gamers. This allows you to connect to North American servers and compete with colleagues on the other. The well-known Steam also has a large number of games exclusively for American customers.

Alternatives to American proxies

In some cases, using a proxy server is not feasible. Then you have to think about possible alternatives – other ways to change your IP address to an American one. The most popular tools that you can use apart from proxies are anonymizer and VPN.

Anonymizer can be a useful proxy server replacement if you need to change your IP as easily and quickly as possible. This is an online service that still uses regular proxies in its core, yet has a very simple interface. Any Internet user who does not have a minimum knowledge of proxy settings can go to an anonymizer site, choose an American server to connect to, and start their surfing. However, this method provides the least level of anonymity and does not guarantee the security of your data. Because of this, most users prefer a different technology.

VPN stands for virtual private network and this thing can really ensure the privacy and security of client's data. This is one of the most popular ways to bypass website blocks. Not only VPN assigns a different IP and allows access to sites all over the world, but it also encrypts all traffic between the client and the VPN server. Additionally,large VPN services are delivering extra options that make your Internet access even more convenient and secure.


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Together with wide opportunities the Internet carries a number of dangers. First of all, when it comes to anonymity and security.

Initially, the World Wide Web was conceived as a space without borders, where you can get absolutely any information on an anonymous basis.

In today's world, it becomes more difficult to keep personal and corporate data in secret, so the issue of information security is becoming more acute every day.

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Good afternoon! Now we are talking about such an important topic in our time, as an opportunity to bypass the blocking of sites. The problem is very relevant in our country


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It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain anonymity and privacy on the Internet: search engines, websites, and social networks collect information about users and use it for commercial purposes. Any visitor to the web leaves a digital trail, followed by numerous advertisers and target markets.

If you have connected multiple devices, it's important to take care of security to avoid data leakage. Let's look at the main ways to improve security.

If you fear becoming an object of a hacker attack, it is better to take measures in advance. In this article, we will give you a few recommendations regarding information security.

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