How to select and configure a proxy server? Let's find out.

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Proxy servers and other means of ensuring anonymity in the network are used for a variety of tasks. When you need to use this tool, the important points are choosing the proxy type and correctly configuring it in a browser or other program. In order to understand this, you do not need to be an expert in the field of anonymity and security on the Internet. It is enough to understand the basic principles of proxy operation, which you can find in this article.

What are proxies and how to use them?

A proxy is a server designed to be an intermediary in working with Internet resources. In general, a proxy server has a number of possible uses, but is most often used as a tool for masking the client's real IP address.

When working on the Internet through a proxy server, the target website receives information containing the IP of the proxy itself when accepting the request. So the IP address of proxy server is very important Several characteristics are crucial: proxy's device type and the country of IP address.

Depending on the device type, the proxy can be: residential, data center, or mobile.

Residential proxies are those installed on the home computers of ordinary Internet users. For this reason, they are sometimes called domestic. Such proxies have IP addresses issued by one of the well-known home Internet service providers.

On the Internet through a proxy

Web resources recognize these proxies as casual users. This provides a number of pros: reduces the likelihood of getting banned, opens up full access to the user-end resources, and makes it difficult to detect if a proxy is being used.

However, residential proxies also have minor cons. This is because of the way home computers are used. Most of the home PCs around the world have low performance, so the speed of residential proxies is often small and can change significantly.

Another disadvantage is connection instability. Home PCs do not work 24 hours a day, as do servers located in data centers. It means that it is not always possible to use the same residential proxy, because when you disable the PC, it stops working. Therefore, in practice, several proxies are used, and when one is disabled, another is selected to replace it.

Datacenter proxies are called this because they are installed on machines located in datacenters around the world. Web resources react to the IP addresses of such proxies differently.

The main advantages of data center proxies are their speed and high connection stability. Data centers usually do not have problems with hardware performance and under normal workload are constantly online. Due to this, data center proxies are the fastest ones and work without disconnections 99% of the time.

Another important feature of data center proxy is static IP address. This feature is useful, for example, when working with a large number of accounts on websites that require users to have static IP address.

However, if your chances of getting banned are high because of, for example, mass account creation, it is better to opt for a proxy with dynamic IP addresses.

Mobile proxies.

On the Internet through mobile proxy

The name speaks for itself. These are proxy servers connected to the Internet via phone companies and this is their main advantage. Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and other popular online resources are much less likely to ban users who have IP addresses of phone companies in their network. In addition, mobile proxies are well suited for social media promotion, data parsing, and SEO.

The disadvantage of mobile proxies is often low speed compared to server counterparts. There are also mobile proxies with data traffic restrictions on the market, which is related to the policies of certain mobile operators.

Choosing a proxy: details are important

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a proxy best suited for your tasks? Choosing proxy origin such as residential/datacenter/mobile is not enough. You should also pay attention to parameters such as:

  • Privacy. On the Internet you can find both free public proxies or commercial private ones.
  • Anonymity. The level of anonymity of the proxy may also differ. You can read more about this in our other article.
  • Supported protocols. Now the most popular protocols are HTTP(S)/Socks4/Socks5. More information about the differences between HTTP (S) and Socks5 is written here.
  • Number of proxies. On the Internet, you can find a lot of offers to buy a proxy by the piece or in bulks of tens to hundreds of thousands of proxies. Again, you need to analyze your project before purchasing to make the right decision about the required pool size.
  • Proxy location. In many projects, the country or city of the proxy server may be important. Proxy pools can contain a specific country or continent, as well as proxies from all over the world.
  • Pool updating rate. Proxy pools may have different update rates. . The pool can be updated for each request or every 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes.

At the end, this is not a complete list of proxy parameters, but the understanding of which proxies you need is largely based on the features we mentioned above.

How to configure a proxy to work effectively?

You can use a proxy server on any popular operating systems. It can be set up in the operating system settings, in most web browsers, or in specialized software.

How to set up a proxy server on Windows 10? You can read about this in our other article.


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