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There are many types of advertising promotion of their services. Conventional TV advertising, on the pages of newspapers, on the radio, on banners of cities and suburbs, but in our age of IT-development the most popular and effective are referral systems and partner programs.

Affiliate programs - a serious marketing phenomenon, a different form of advertising, such as contextual advertising in VK, but in this case, its placement occurs among users or web entrepreneurs who have websites or blogs where in the free space and add banners of certain sizes, in a certain place. Everything is taken into account in detail, and based on this, a fee is determined.

Consider the types of affiliate programs:

  • Pay per impression – is the simplest type, requiring from the site owner only initial time costs for adding a banner to the site page.
  • Pay per click – is an aging type that requires a user to navigate through the link from the user's web site.
  • Pay for action – is a complication of the second type, requiring the user not only to go through the referral link, but also to take any actions: filling out questionnaires, registering, subscribing to the newsletter, playing an online game and spending a certain time there (for example 1 hour), invest in it a small amount of real money or other similar procedures, after which the referral will receive a commission.
  • The reward for sale – is a very popular type of affiliate program for Vkontakte groups, and not only for them, when it is offered to buy goods (T-shirts, mugs, toys or more expensive goods) and each referral receives a percentage of the profit. Production of goods is handled by third parties.
  • Multilevel marketing – it is also called network marketing, this is also a type of partner programs, used most often outside of the Internet space. You act as a "sale manager", attracting new "managers" to the company, from which you receive interest, as well as from the purchases of your customers.

The second type of cooperation, referral systems - is an easy way to attract customers of an organization by issuing bonuses to already existing participants for each new person involved. Bonuses are not always monetary. Their radical difference from partner programs is that the company does not pay you directly for the number of views / clicks, but only for the purchased by the new client.

It is important to understand how RS can be implemented, there are several methods for attracting referrals:

  1. Passive method - the publication of referral links and banners, which are accompanied by various attractive materials of visual or textual nature, interested in the target audience and even non-target. Because it is the simplest method, it is the main one in efficiency.
  2. Active method - the principle is also simple, but more loaded. The involved should to go through the referral link and use the service, but any active actions, for example, to fill out the questionnaire or watch the video. Not very productive, because only a small number of people calmly treat such demands.

Two types of cooperation should be compared, so that the advantages and disadvantages of each species become apparent. You can identify the pros and cons.

Pros of the referral system:

  • If you have an audience that trusts you, referral links that are suitable in context will bring a lot of profit.
  • If you do not have your own information resource with the audience, you can always distribute links to any site, such as a forum or blog with the ability to comment.
  • The referral system is fully automated and does not require any investments.

Cons of the referral system:

  • If there are no purchases from your referrals - you will not have any profit.
  • It is difficult to collect a large referral database.

And now we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of partner programs.


  • Income most often comes even for viewing the page with advertising, not demanding anything from anyone.
  • Many options for cooperation.
  • A large number of proposals, as the producers of goods prefer this type of cooperation.

Weak sides:

  • Quite large requirements.
  • Additional difficulties in placement.

And, perhaps, referral systems win among ordinary users, but lose in the environment of web entrepreneurs, bloggers and publishers.
Take, for example, the referral system of RSocks. The service provides passive income depending on the number of active referrals. There are payments up to 20% of the amount of purchases on the service. For example, you are running your blog, affecting the IT sphere in it, and besides advertising, you want to receive additional money, without investment and without doing extra work.

It is enough to place our banner or a referral link in your articles to achieve that. provides banners with excellent design of different types: static and animated.

"Examples of banners from RSocks"

"More information from"

In case you did not find the banner that suits you, just contact our technical support and we will produce it. That's so easy to earn with us! We hope that the article was useful for you.

In the future, the articles will carry an informational and educational character, raise important and interesting topics. Visit us more!


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