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RSocks provides its users with a huge range of services, constantly expanding it so that you can choose the most suitable for you and perform the necessary work with the best result.

Now we offer 40 different types of services.

We define 3 main types of package proxies for easier navigating among them:

—Standard packages;
—PRO packages;
—Exclusive packages.

Further, we will take a closer look at each of them separately and talk about their pros. All the plans can be tested for free, which surely helps you to save up a lot of money in case a package didn't suit your needs.

Standard (residential) packages

This proxy range was released on the same date RSocks started to operate, but this doesn't mean it's the same old stuff. It's always getting better! These proxies are still the most popular ones among our customers today. The section of standard proxies includes such popular packages as World Mix, Europe, Russia, USA and many others. The quality of this type of proxies is doubtless, although we offer you a trial to prove it yourself!

Exclusive (residential) packages

Do not want to share proxy servers with anyone? This package is just for you! Our Exclusive proxies ensure that you're the only one who uses the proxies at the moment, which automatically gives highest quality and stability of performance. They will be able to carry out virtually any task.

PRO (residential) packages

The last but surely not the least type of proxies we offer is PRO. Those packages have already earned the trust of our customers, though it was released not too long ago. We have been asked many times to do something in between Standard and Exclusive proxies. And so a new type of PRO proxies was released. Currently 4 plans are available: USA PRO, EU PRO, RU PRO and MIX PRO and we're not gonna stop there!

We're preparing new packages for production release the next months. Stay connected!Remember that you can always talk to our customer support in case you need help in making a decision or if you need something more special. They will gladly help you and they are online for 24/7

We hope that this article helped you to understand our plans better making the right choice for yourself. We wish you best regards!


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