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The release of RSocks Proxy Checker 2.0 occurred just recently, in March 2018 to be precise. The sudden popularity of the program has prompted the development team to continuously improve it, so that every user can easily test and filter proxy server packages, doing parsing or promotion campaign on the Internet.

And today, the company proudly presents RSocks Proxy Checker v.2.1.0!

The new version of the software differs from earlier versions with updated options and a number of additional features. The developers took into account user comments and improved design of the installer, as well as eliminated problems with updating the software and calculating of statistics based on various spam databases. Choosing RSocks Proxy Checker V. 2. 1.0 you can check thousands of proxy servers, control threads, work with different protocols, and most importantly – get the desired result.

Why you need a proxy checker

The main goal of a proxy checker is to simplify user's workflow with a large number of proxy servers. This useful piece of software sorts, distributes and checks a specified amount of remote hardware, giving precise data about each proxy server.

Proxy Checker filters proxies that are good for parsing or other tasks, based on the specified preferences and filters. The software can even test download and upload speed of the whole proxy server list. No other program is capable of this now.Installing the software on your computer, you get a universal tool to manage thousands of proxy servers.

Preferences and use cases

Even the novice user can set things up and prepare it for proxy journey. The program interface does not require complex manipulations and constant switching from tab to tab to set filters and parameters for the upcoming check. Casual scenario looks like this:

  • Upload a proxy list – you can do this by putting either a URL or simple TXT file;

  • Set response time – this feature helps to filter proxies with certain latency and ignore bad proxies;
  • Select amount of threads – the best number of threads ranges from 200 to 300, although at low connection speed it is better not to run more than a hundred threads at a time;
  • Select protocol – this option will be helpful to recognize a certain protocol such as HTTP(s) and all versions of SOCKS;
  • Define additional parameters – the proxy checker can not only determine performance of proxy servers, but also return IP address's geolocation, as well as anonymity level and records in the Spamhause databases.

Choosing RSocks Proxy Checker v.2.1.0 increases your speed of selecting good proxies with certain parameters, which definitely makes your work-flow on the Internet easier.

Pros and benefits of the new RSocks Proxy Checker

Here are some points:

  • All OS supported – Windows, Linux, Mac – you name it. You just need to choose your favorite one.
  • Feature-rich – determine end-point IP address of a proxy, its PTR record, Spamhause record, anonymity level, etc.
  • Filter results – thanks to various filters you can find exactly what you know about proxies;
  • User-friendly interface. And for those who are tired of old-school bright-gray looks our program allows you to choose cool trendy dark-night them. Just like that.

The last but not the least, RSocks Proxy Checker is completely for free!

Choose our Proxy Checker if you work with thousands of proxies every day and you need to get the job done nice and easy. The checker will find only the best for you. No muss no fuss.


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