Who needs mobile proxies and why?

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Mobile proxy is a software and hardware complex that acts as an intermediary between the user and the Internet. The proxy function is to receive a signal from the device, assign a new IP address, and transmit it to the global network. As a result, the user uses one IP, and the Internet connection comes from a completely different one.

Such a maneuver is used in modern technologies, both by ordinary people and some professionals:

1.Marketers who use mobile proxies to reach a target audience when promoting products and services in search engines or social networks.
2.SEO specialists who use proxies while parsing to collect the semantic core, study, and analyze behavioral factors.
3.CPA specialists who need mobile proxies to work with various traffic sources.

The difference between a mobile proxy and a regular one is the fact that the signal is assigned the IP of the mobile operator. It helps:
· reduce the risk of being blocked when performing repetitive actions from the same IP;
· register the required number of accounts for promotion in the network;
· maintain anonymity in front of analytical systems.

Advantages of mobile proxies

Changing the IP address via a mobile proxy has significant advantages over a different type of proxy. The advantages include:

1.Registration of accounts with no restrictions – creating a new page in a social network occurs the same way as registering a profile by regular users.
2.Massliking, Massfollowing, and Masslooking – promotion in social networks with no risk of account blocking by IP.
3.Unlimited number of advertising companies – mobile proxies allow you to create both contextual and social media advertising.
4.Data parsing – simulating the operation of a real device with mobile proxies, you can collect search engine results.
5.Semantic core clustering for SEO – proxies speed up clustering keywords (parsing) for the semantic core.
6.Total anonymity – proxies ensure the security of personal information and fingerprint substitution.

Mobile proxies for social media

Mobile proxies for social networks help you to carry out some tasks:

1.Social media marketing SMM
Under the concept of promotion in social networks is hidden an increase in popularity, communication, and connection with clients of personal or professional groups, accounts, pages, and other things.
Social media are not loyal to SMM, which is proved by the regular introduction of technologies to fight promotion services. To bypass blocking and promote your product, you need a mobile proxy.

2.Access to blocked sites
Some countries ban resources at the Federal level. The blocking occurs in local offices, which interferes with the promotion. Proxies help you circumvent restrictions and conduct your business.

People choose specific proxies for each social network that match the best with the platform's features:

Instagram is a platform with more than 1 billion users. The main characteristics of the social network are rich functionality and convenient tools for business, but also strict content monitoring. It leads to frequent account blocking, which mobile proxies help you bypass.

Facebook is not inferior in popularity to Instagram and has traffic monthly exceeding the mark of 1.5 billion users. The platform isn't very loyal to SMM. Moreover, it restricts users' access to pages registered in the countries where Facebook is blocked. Specific proxies help you fix the situation and continue working on promotion. They also make it easier to register on Instagram via Facebook.

Vkontakte is one of the most popular platforms for communication and business activities, with more than 100 million users. However, the social media blocks many user accounts for promotion, sending messages, a high number of bots, and much more. Also, many countries blocked VK. Mobile proxies help you bypass account blocking or get access to the page.

Mobile proxies for SEO
SEO specialists are a versatile workforce that does quite multifaceted work. However, many hours of hard work is often not perceived by moderators, administrators, and search engine bots. Therefore, mobile proxies are necessary for them from a professional point of view. By changing the dynamic IP address, SEO specialists can with ease parse competitors, cluster keywords for the semantic core, massively post content using multiple accounts, work with behavioral factors, and much more.

Mobile proxies for CPA
The job of CPA specialists is to buy and resell traffic on the Internet. CPA specialists, of course, cannot carry out their activities with a single account. They use specific browsers that allow working with multi-accounts. The technology of such browsers has the function of protecting and anonymizing the device, but social networks can calculate it by its IP address. If it is detected, all accounts will be blocked, but if you use mobile proxies, each of the multi-accounts is protected.

Where to buy high-quality mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies have become an essential attribute of almost any specialist working with large traffic flows. And we like no one else understand how difficult it is to find a high-quality proxies provider. Try a free trial of our mobile proxies and make sure of their quality!


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