Fundamentals of Information Security

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Fundamentals of Information Security

In today's world, it becomes more difficult to keep personal and corporate data in secret, so the issue of information security is becoming more acute every day. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and personal inviolability. Does not matter why you want to protect your data from intruders and third parties. It is necessary to follow the rules for use of the Internet if you want to keep your information in safe. This article describes the main methods and programs for a comfortable, and most importantly safe use of the Internet.

Use a strong password

To ensure the security of information, it must be protected with a complex password. There are basic principles for creating a high quality safe password:

  • The password length must be at least 15 characters, and the best option is 20.
  • Don’t use names and popular templates (qwerty and etc.), dates and personal information associated with you in the password itself.
  • The password must contain lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters (! @ # $% ^ & *).

Two-factor authentication

This is a method of authentication (identity verification), which uses an additional way to verify your account.

For example, when you log into your account on the site, you first enter your password, and after the generated code that will be sent to your phone via SMS.

The following authentication methods are available:

  • Password
  • PIN code
  • SMS with code
  • Fingerprint
  • Push notifications in the applications

We recommend using two-factor authentication wherever this possibility exists. Even if your password is recognized or stolen, the attacker will not be able to pass the second authentication method.

Two-factor authentication can be enabled in almost all popular services: Telegram,, Facebook, Google, WhatsApp,

Secure Internet access

Using Tor Browser, users can keep anonymity on the Internet when visiting sites, managing blogs, sending instant messages and e-mail messages, or working with other applications that use the TCP protocol. This browser changes the connection from your device to the server, skips the original signal through several layers of the network. Each network layer or connection is encrypted separately. As a result, the initial outgoing traffic from your computer passes numerous encryption.

This method affects the connection speed, but allows the user to improve their security and anonymity.


If you encrypt all traffic from your device, you should use VPN. When connected to the VPN, absolutely all connections from your device go through the selected server.

This allows you not only to hide the original source of the request, but also to encrypt your data.

This service can be used to bypass locks, since the service allows you to change outgoing traffic, for example, through Canada, you easily and additional applications get access to blocked sites in your country.

This is VPN service with high speed of encrypted connection and guaranteed absence of logs, which is extremely important for our demanding audience.

We offer Single VPN with maximum speed and Double VPN - with an additional node in the chain of VPN servers for maximum anonymity.

RSocks VPN - automatically hides or replaces your IP in all applications running on the WAN. VPN service works on all devices, including game consoles and Smart-TVs with an Internet connection.

Our system does not provide for the maintenance of statistics and does not create records by which the user could be identified.

Use VPN service from RSocks and you will be completely safe!


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In today's world, it becomes more difficult to keep personal and corporate data in secret, so the issue of information security is becoming more acute every day.

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