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You probably know the video-tuning service specializing mainly on the subject of computer games and e-sports tournaments. Twitch's audience has grown continuously throughout its existence and already counts tens of millions of unique visitors a month. Today, more than two million streamers from around the world choose this service daily for their broadcasts in a wide variety of categories. The best streamers of the Twitch service get an opportunity to get popularity, to find sponsors and, as a result, to earn. The main indicator by which the streamer channel can rise to the "top popular" is the number of online viewers. It can be increased in many ways, but we want to talk about the simplest and most effective.
Let me bring to your attention an overview article on the TwitchViewers - a program that is designed to twist the number of online viewers on the channels of the site
For the test we used our proxy, two different packages: "World Mix 1" and "Europe". It should be noted at once that both packages showed approximately the same and stable results, although Europe's peaks were slightly higher. Therefore, in order not to load you with unnecessary information in the screenshots, only the performance of the "Wolrd Mix 1" package will be given.

The TwitchViewers program is very easy to use.

To get started with it, you need:

  1. Download the proxy. This can be done both from a text document and through the url (here there is an auto-update function and you can set the interval you need).
  2. Enter the channel name in the "channel name" field on The name must be without spaces or capital letters. We recommend simply copying it from the address bar of the browser.
  3. Press the "Go!" button. On the bottom right there is a viewer counter on the channel, and the program will start its work. The counter can be updated manually using the "Refresh Stats Viewers" button, which is next to it.

So, before starting to work on the channel there were about 160 spectators:

From the first minutes of the program, the online audience increased by almost 200 viewers:

After a few more minutes the figure approached the 600 mark:

As the number of online viewers increased, the values could vary in larger and smaller sides, in the range from 50 to 100. At the same time, the peak value reached the mark of 700 spectators:

After that, the figure stopped at around 600 spectators and remained stable throughout all subsequent work. It should also be noted that the program has a simple and user-friendly interface, which provides the most comfortable work. This program does not load the processor and can function in the background, while there are no errors or departures for the whole time of operation, which indicates a high quality of the product.

It is worthwhile to say about the program support service separately. Support is always in touch and in case of any difficulties or bug detection it will always help and promptly correct the situation. This approach to users, of course, deserves only the highest appreciation. This review of TwitchViewers is published with the consent of its owner. We thank him for the provided copy. For all questions related to the program, please contact:

  • Skype: danil5548
  • Telegram: EvilBananaH.

So, friends, in this example, we have seen the high quality of our proxies, but we do not dwell on this, we have a lot of new ahead, keep up with the news!

Thank you!


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