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When people look for proxy, they choose "RSocks"

«RSocks» service has 4 suitable tariffs and 200 000 unique proxy per day. Right now every World Mix package has 50,000 proxies per day, with an average online from 10,000 to 14,000. And online is constantly increasing – try it. Who else on the market can offer you online like this for such price? 50k per day for only 100$ per week or 20$ per day. Also we will make you happy with exclusive packages in the next few days!

7 reasons why customers choose "RSocks"
•We have only elite proxies with uptime> 99%;
•Service without any restrictions for traffic and ports;
•Really great speed, confirmed by many tests;
•Proxy lists update every 3 hours: You are guaranteed to get 30% new proxies, and the other 70% are rotating;
•Personal manager who is available around the clock and even on holidays;
•Our proxies are suitable for ANY activity: mailing, registration, parsing, anonymous surfing and much more; FULL REFUND! If you don’t like our proxies during the day, we will immediately refund the money (only from weekly tariffs).

No hidden conditions
RSocks" service guarantees the clarity of all tariffs:
•"NO hidden charges;
•"There is NO downgrades in speed;
•"NO regular crashes and dead proxies;
•"There are NO infected botnets.

Special offers
Vacations. Going to take rest? Ask us and we will freeze your balance for free for the rest time, so that you will save your money;
All inclusive. In our packages you have access to all ports, there are no restrictions for traffic, all protocols are supported.

Thank you for being with us!
Sincerely yours, RSocks Team

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Exclusive proxies are 60% faster!

Dear friends, we want to share with you excellent news: from today the speed of all exclusive proxy for all packages is increased by 60%!

Also, from the additional features to the site and in the personal account added the possibilitys:

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Win prizes from RSocks!

Today we launched the contest at the Anti-Chat forum - participate and get the prizes!

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Launch of Personal proxy!

Looking for individual IP addresses that will only be accessible to you? Tired of the poor quality of other services? Then we are pleased to inform you about the launch of personal proxy!

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