VPN + Tor technology. Self-tuning and use.

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VPN - Virtual Private Network

At a high level of implementation and compliance with all the intricacies of configuration, VPN technologies give full anonymity to the network. Special software guarantees confidentiality of transmitted data.

Usually VPN is applied no higher than network layers, the encryption of which allows you to use unmodified protocols (for example - TCP, UDP).
The VPN consists of two parts: an "internal" (controlled) network and an "external" network through which the connection is made (using the Internet).

VNP is classified by several parameters:

  • Degree of environmental protection. Protected (IPSec, OpenVPN and PPTP) and trusted (MPLS and L2TP, these protocols shift the security task to others, for example L2TP)
  • Method of implementation. Software solution, integrated solution, software and hardware.
  • Appointment. Client / Server VPN, Intranet VPN, Extranet VPN, Remote Access VPN.
  • Type of protocol. Realization of virtual private networks under the protocols TCP / IP, IPX and AppleTalk.
  • Network protocol layer. Mappings with the levels of the network model ISO / OSI.

Tor - The Onion Router

The Tor browser is used to protect and access information blocked by Internet censorship. On the device, a proxy server is started, which connects to Tor servers, and uses complex encryption. Each data packet passes through three different nodes, selected randomly. Before sending, the data is coded with three keys - for the third node, the second node, and the first one. When the packet arrives at the first node, the data of the second, then the third, is deciphered. Gradually, the layers of encryption are removed.

At the same time, the node software provides a SOCKS interface. Programs running on the SOCKS interface can be configured to work through the Tor browser, which routes traffic through a virtual chain, thereby providing anonymous web surfing on the network. Inside the Tor network, traffic is routed from one router to another and finally reaches the exit point from which a clean (unencrypted) data packet is already reaching the original address of the recipient (server). Traffic from the receiver is sent back to the Tor network outlet point.

Comparative data

And Tor and VPN have their pros and cons.

A plus of the Torah can be considered the complete hiding of the IP address and the distribution of the network (it is difficult to prohibit it in any state). At the same time, the connection speed on the Internet is very low, due to the redirection of data through a large number of nodes. It is very difficult to view video content. Another nuance - many Internet providers block Tor, thereby complicating the connection.

VPN connection is distinguished by high speed, because there is only one server between the device and the required site. VPN can provide more solid security and privacy than Tor. Many services include anti-virus software.

If the goal is anonymity, then just install the Tor browser. But high speed, protection from malicious virus programs, prevention of data leakage, complete security from the human factor can only provide a VPN service. Or a bunch of VPN + Tor.

Sharing Tor and VPN

Maximally secure access to the Internet and remain unnoticed in the network can be using a bunch - a VPN connection with a subsequent output via Tor.

This can be done in several ways:

  • Configure the VPN, install Tor and go online through a browser.
  • Use the OS with the built-in Tor, and run the VPN in parallel.
  • Use Tor without installing the browser. To do this, you need to connect to an adapted VPN or install a suitable application. A very convenient method, because it allows you to use the usual browsers with all the installed functions, while maintaining network anonymity.

It works like this: network traffic is encrypted on the output from the computer on the way to the VPN server and arrives at the Tor nodes. In this case, Tor does not see the real IP, but only the provider's address. Every ten minutes IP changes automatically. The VPN server of the provider verifies that the Thor nodes are working and only connects to the work points. This ensures an uninterrupted connection.


The vpn + tor chain provides increased anonymity in the network. You can independently create a connection using a proven "recipe"

It will take:

  • A computer or laptop with Windows installed,
  • VirtualBox,
  • Image of a whonix-gateway,
  • Windows image, preferably in English
  • VPN service, preferably paid.

Installation procedure:

  1. Download and install Virtual Box
  2. The Whonix image is downloaded. Typically, Whonix consists of 2 virtual machines: Gateway - "tosify" the network, and Workstation - connects to this network and works exclusively through Tor.
  3. Whonix Gateway is installed in the virtual box.
  4. Image win7 download, create a new machine in VirtualBox and install Windows. This will be the working OS. When both machines are installed, you can proceed with the configuration:
  5. After the Whonix-gateway is fully loaded in the console, enter: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. You will need a password. (The default is changeme) The system downloads updates and installs them.
  6. Virtual Windows starts, additions to the guest OS are installed. Then proceed according to the scheme - the control panel> Network and sharing center> Properties> the TCP / IPv4> Properties line. To be completed as follows: IP address; Subnet netmask; Default gateway; Preferred DNS server the virtual machine, find it in VirtualBox and click "configure". Under "Network" uncheck "Adapter 1", put on "Adapter 2" Connection type: Internal network, select Whonix from the menu.
  7. Now the virtual version catches the network with Whonix Gateway, that is, the traffic of all programs is already going through Tor.

Install on the main OS (not on the virtual) VPN client. Enable VPN on the host. Run the Whonix Gateway, wait for the download and roll to the tray. Running Win virtual, including the second VPN on it. The VPN TOR VPN chain is ready.


Good VPN services cost about $ 200 per year. This is a bit, given the time savings and good Internet speed. As noted above, there are also free services. But the quality of services is much lower, a lot of advertising, speed leaves much to be desired.

Security is a very important part of connecting to the network. Therefore, it is better to choose a paid version. This will ensure a high connection speed, no logging and stable operation with VPN + Tor, OpenVPN, PPTP, HTTP Proxy, IPsec protocols.

Russian services, recently, are on the rise and constitute worthy competition to foreign ones. For example, rsocks.net offers its VPN service, with attractive terms and at quite affordable prices.


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