Expert services in the provision of reliable RSocks proxy server

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Purchase of a professional proxy server is the best business decision. The services provide online work confidentiality, protection of passwords and private information.

Expert services in the provision of reliable RSocks proxy server

With, you get reliable data protection from cyber attacks.

A leak of confidential information from a personal computer or mobile device can happen at any time. The user is not aware of the incident until he discovers a trail left by the attacker. It's unfortunate when bank accounts, business activity, or personal correspondence are broken into.

  • bank accounts
  • business activities
  • interference in personal correspondence, etc.

Large companies aren’t the only targets for hacker attacks. Anyone using the Internet for daily activities can become the hacker’s victim. But how do you protect your computer and personal life against unauthorized interference from the outside? The RSocks offers its customers an intermediary server - the proxy server to gain protection once and for all. It uses comprehensive software to solve many fundamental tasks concerning data protection against leaks, from simple online surfing to multi-threaded parsing.

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Why use the proxy server?

With a reliable proxy server, the user can work online anonymously, safely, and more efficiently, avoiding possible blocking of the primary IP address. There are many free proxy-servers available online, but you will find out that "free" has nothing to do with the "proxy" term as soon as you try them. Free proxy-server doesn't necessarily mean that it's safe.

Proxy server connection

What do hackers target the most?

Hackers usually expose private information which they use to make money. There are cyber groups with professional analytics on hacking monetization. They sell your data, withdraw the funds and receive cash for it. But the company's problems aren't over yet if the service's functionality is paralyzed and you start getting blackmailed.

Who is most likely to be the victim of cyber groups?

The RSocks statistics show that 3 out of 4 intrusions in private and business life occur because of user's mistakes. The remaining share is hacked by the servers' employees of social networks, cloud-based storage, and other sources.

There are many vectors of cyberattacks. One of them is fishing, which involves copying target websites and using copies to scam potential customers. When the person enters this website, he is unaware that the hacker sees his credit card information, login, and password. The fishing business is built on curiosity, greed, and fear, and there is only one way to protect yourself from it. You must always check the correct spelling of website addresses and don't use the same password on different websites.

Efficient smartphone protection

We are not going to talk about the common smartphone theft or physical access to it. Let's discuss the software protection of your phone. It's built on the actual vectors used by hackers. Good user knowledge and installed antivirus on devices always help. Biometric authentication provides good online safety for mobile phones.

What are the benefits of biometric and classic safety?

Many people have a hard time accessing the mobile Internet because of logins, passwords, e-mail addresses, and codes. It takes time to enter, and it can be very inconvenient to some. But unblocking your phone with a fingerprint or eye retina is so simple that it became the most popular protection technology.

But biometric systems are technically complex. Their analysis is based on a very high input accuracy threshold, so developers have a strong possibility of making mistakes when creating such systems. Still, hacker attacks on recognizing biometric data occur, even though they require more finances and time. Therefore, using passwords is always the safest choice, that is, if you use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. It also the safest way to protect social networks and bank websites.

So, what is the safest protection method from cyber attacks?

There's always a question of what protection technology you should choose, and it's only associated with convenience. To decide on the method, you must first build a threat model according to these questions:

  1. What do you need to be protected?
  2. Who is the threat?
  3. What are the possible losses if you are not protected?

Your further actions depend on the proper construction of a model. You may develop doubts that RSocks can solve your safety concerns for a reasonable amount of money. In that case, what costs are reasonable? Please read about our features. Our protection offers:

- Installment of our VPN with unlimited traffic, allowing you to download any size media files, comfortable viewing of streaming video, and uninterrupted communication in video chats.
- 24/7 customer support
- Flexible payment plan and safety guarantee
- 100% Refunds for unsatisfied customers

Anyone can purchase a proxy server today!

RSocks expert services will provide you with new opportunities, keeping your finances and businesses safe while bringing peace into your personal life and confidence in achieving your goals.

Make a wise decision of getting the Proxy server! It's an investment for life!

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