Open ports and modern tools for checking them

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Our company, which offers proxy and VPN servers, is not limited to a purely commercial direction. Among the advantages of our company: 24/7 technical support, no logs, the flexibility of use, regular pool updates (every three hours), Torrent support, P2P, and VoIP. You can check out the advantages in the corresponding section of our website. Among other things, we periodically make a small "excursion" into the field of modern information technologies. In this text, we will talk about programs that make it possible to scan open ports: explain what it is describe the verification procedure, and note some details.

Some basic facts

«Open ports» refer to the TCP or UPD port number required for packet encapsulating. Web pages and FTP services assume that certain ports are "open" and available. К числу последних относятся, например, 37 Time Protocol, 21 FTP – Control, 443 HTTPS и многие другие. In our article, we will talk about scanners that are used to check a public IP address; they also make it possible to determine the "openness" of ports in a web connection. With the help of such tools, specialists check the addressing settings (if the settings are incorrect, the firewall will block the operation). Individual ports, such as port 25, are blocked at the ISP level (in an attempt to intercept a suspicious process). The data always includes a number that allows you to specify the location using the protocols and redirect them.


The scanning procedure is not illegal, but you will probably have some difficulties if your object is the target host and you are not authorized. TCP port scanners allow administrative users to check which ports send information to the network and protect against hacking.

The procedure itself is relatively simple. It is enough to follow a simple algorithm to scan open ports:

  1. Hold down the Windows button and the R button at the same time.
  2. Write CMD and press Enter.
  3. In the command line, write "netstat-a", and then enter.

After a short amount of time, you will see a list of ports that provide a connection.

Security and tools

Suspicious software behaves just like a service waiting for a connection from a hacker who intends to steal confidential or corporate information or gain control of a computer. Due to this, to increase the level of security, unused ports on the PC are often closed: this ensures that you can block access to a service that continues to function without client information (and it does not matter whether the service was set up incorrectly or whether there is suspicious software).

Among the best-proven tools for checking open ports are the following:

  • TCP Port Scan with Nmap.
  • UltraTools;
  • DNS Tools;
  • Web Proxy and Privacy Tool;
  • Yougetsignal;
  • Solar winds Port Scanner;
  • IP Tool.


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We will talk about the procedure for checking open ports, briefly describe the scanning procedure itself, and finally, list the main tools and scanners that are suitable for these tasks.

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