List of Free Software Testing Resources

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Computer technology is becoming an important part of our daily life. The software manages the work of many things around us - from mobile phones and computers to washing machines and credit cards. The development of high-quality programs implies that the program and its parts are necessarily subjected to rigorous testing.

We all make mistakes. Some of them may be insignificant, while others may have serious consequences. That is why any software product needs to be tested before it can be used effectively.
QA Engineer is more than a profession. This is an image of a proactive life and the desire to make this life better for all by feasible and effective means.

We collect resources for anyone considering the use of software testing and formal methods that will be an excellent base:

Software Testing Theory

Standards In software Testing

Testing by different programming languages

Formal methods



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Together with wide opportunities the Internet carries a number of dangers. First of all, when it comes to anonymity and security.

Initially, the World Wide Web was conceived as a space without borders, where you can get absolutely any information on an anonymous basis.

In today's world, it becomes more difficult to keep personal and corporate data in secret, so the issue of information security is becoming more acute every day.

In the recent past by the standards of the development of information technologies, in 2015 Google created artificial intelligence based on neural networks, which was able to analyze the condition around itself and draw conclusions about its further education. The name of the new offspring from Google was given in abbreviated from the term "deep Q-network" - DQN. The DQN started training in common arcade games (Pakman, Tennis, Space Invaiders, Boksing and other classics).

Good afternoon! Now we are talking about such an important topic in our time, as an opportunity to bypass the blocking of sites. The problem is very relevant in our country


In this article we'll talk about TOR and its place in ensuring anonymity on the Internet, and how to use Tor Browsers on Windows 10 and Android.

Not every place on the Internet is easily accessible nowadays. Many websites get blocked or they set restrictions on their visitors themselves. So how to retain access to the content you need? We'll explain it in this article.

This article explains why some American websites are unavailable to foreign users and how to circumvent these restrictions using American proxy servers.

The article briefly describes the principles of using proxies, choosing the appropriate type and degree of anonymity. It also describes the main areas of using anonymous proxies and their requirements.

Hiding a user's IP address on the Web is not that difficult. Many methods have been developed for this purpose. In this article, we reviewed the most popular ones. What is the difference between a proxy and a VPN? Why does the TOR network provide high anonymity? You can read all this here!

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