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Total anonymity on the Internet is the dream of every Web user and one of the most popular topics of discussion in recent years. Every day we hearing stories about hacking Facebook accounts, zero-day attacks to the huge databases or personal data leaks, so it’s especially important for users to stay incognito and keep their digital identity.

How could users protect themselves? There are many special services to solve this problem that allow you to do anonymous actions on the network.

We can find hundreds of news articles and blogs which sheds light on how to surf safely on the Internet. There are many technologies to mask your IP, but in most cases, they are based on the use of a proxy or VPN. Both technologies are online anonymity tools and can be used for hiding your real IP address or bypassing site blocking. But which option is better?

Let's try to figure out what is the difference between a proxy and a VPN!


A proxy server is a server that acts as a middleman in the flow of your internet traffic so that your internet activities appear to come from somewhere else

The user first connects directly to the proxy server, and the latter in turn forwards all requests and responses to the target resource. Using proxies is pretty easy.

Many popular apps like browsers, instant messengers or torrent client have a special network settings section in the Settings, where you can simply enter the login data to the proxy server and easily set up a secure connection. Usually, proxies are used to bypass firewall restrictions.

When using a proxy, it is worth considering that the data to the proxy server are transmitted in clear text without using encryption. Thus, proxies will not protect you from being intercepted by network traffic by hackers.

Proxies are perfectly suited for special tasks like SMM,SEO, creating mass accounts in social networks or parsing.

But if your goal is maximum security and protection of personal data, learn more about the possibilities of VPN connection.


  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • can be configured directly for each application without affecting all network traffic;
  • used to solve professional problems (SEO, arbitration, cheating, registration of accounts).


  • no traffic encryption.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to create logical (virtual) secure network connections on top of another network, such as the Internet.

Unlike a proxy server, which simply acts as a man-in-the-middle server for a single application (like your web browser or BitTorrent client), VPNs will capture the traffic of every single application on your computer, from your web browser to your online games to even Windows Update running in the background.

To use this or that VPN technology, you may need to install additional software, as your operating system may not support one or another type of VPN.

VPN is a universal solution and, as a proxy, can be used for anonymity on the network, bypassing locks and hiding the real IP.

In addition, VPN provides encryption of network traffic, which becomes a key point if your main goal is security.


  • Strong traffic encryption
  • Bypass provider locks and restrictions
  • Literate settings will provide the maximum level of anonymity.


  • need special software or install an additional application;
  • Configuration errors can lead to IP leaks and DNS addresses;
  • more expensive solution compared to the proxy.


Proxy and VPN can be used to bypass blocking, anonymity on the Internet and other similar tasks.

If you need a reliable and stable solution to protect your network traffic - you should pay attention to the VPN.

If you just need to access a blocked resource or change the IP address and traffic encryption is not so important for you, then a proxy is the best choice for you.

RSocks gives you the opportunity to try working as a universal proxy for any task, as well as a reliable VPN service with a large number of locations and the possibility of additional traffic encryption.

Try it now and choose your own method of Internet anonymity!


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Together with wide opportunities the Internet carries a number of dangers. First of all, when it comes to anonymity and security.

Initially, the World Wide Web was conceived as a space without borders, where you can get absolutely any information on an anonymous basis.

In today's world, it becomes more difficult to keep personal and corporate data in secret, so the issue of information security is becoming more acute every day.

In the recent past by the standards of the development of information technologies, in 2015 Google created artificial intelligence based on neural networks, which was able to analyze the condition around itself and draw conclusions about its further education. The name of the new offspring from Google was given in abbreviated from the term "deep Q-network" - DQN. The DQN started training in common arcade games (Pakman, Tennis, Space Invaiders, Boksing and other classics).

Good afternoon! Now we are talking about such an important topic in our time, as an opportunity to bypass the blocking of sites. The problem is very relevant in our country


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